Galarian Forms Leaked In Newest Pokémon Go Code

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Looks like a multi-form crossover is going to happen soon in the hit mobile game.
Looks like a multi-form crossover is going to happen soon in the hit mobile game. The Pokemon Company

Since launch, Pokémon Go has continued to be a successful mobile game. This is largely due to its fans who have been playing the game ever since release. In an attempt to make the title even more enticing, Niantic is looking to perform a multi-form crossover between the different Pokémon universes.

According to the code found by reddit user LewyMD, Pokémon Go might be getting some Galarian Forms very soon. Not only do the miners have text and codes, but they also have proof confirming the existence of these Pokémon forms in the game in the near future.

From the latest app files for the mobile game, a new set of events – or possibly one giant event – was reportedly revealed. The code shows an event with a title that says, “A Colossal Discovery.” What is more, there is a so-called “ticket” included and it might be used to attend this special event. Also, the event is going to take place at a certain time, although it will obviously be different for each individual region around the world. Basically, its schedule is the same as Community events in the game, where the timing is specific to the players’ time zone.

Also, the miners said that the next-level Galarian Form Pokémon options have already been added to the game. The only catch, however, is that there is no telling as to which pocket monster will surface from the different regions first. The only hint right now, completely based on the mined data, is that the “Galarian Form” code is available in the game (at least via code files).

Of course, nothing has been set in stone yet. The decision to make these things official is in the hands of Niantic. For now, the best thing to do is to wait and see how close the release is for the Galarian Forms in Pokémon Go. Considering the studio’s reputation when it comes to these events, it is very likely to hear an official announcement from them soon. If not, Niantic might start teasing players on their website, social media accounts, or even in the game.

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