GALAHAD 3093: Halloween-Themed Update 7 Brings Reworked Lance Variant Trees and More

Update 7
Update 7 Twitter/@galahad3093

Developer Simutronics is listening very closely to the community as the company finds new ways to improve its mech hero shooter, GALAHAD 3093. The recently released Update 7 is a testament to that because the changes made were actually from the suggestions given by the player base.

Update 7 for GALAHAD 3093 brings a reworked Lance Variant tree, which focuses on continuous progression through the different tiers. To make this change possible, some adjustments were made to the Lance Variant prerequisites, as well as their mod slots.

Another impactful change in this patch concerns Lance Variant Blueprints. Now, the blueprints will drop depending on your current progress through the tree. Additionally, the Lance class you have selected increases the probability of getting a blueprint of that particular Lance class.

Halloween Havoc
Halloween Havoc Steam

The game is also now in a spooky mood, thanks to the Halloween-themed skins and art designs scattered all over the map. Furthermore, you can find some Jack-O-Lanterns in the dark and stormy areas that are waiting to be squashed!

Halloween Havoc Pumpkins
Halloween Havoc Pumpkins Steam

You can find the other significant changes implemented in this patch below:


  • We’ve multiplied the amount of coins in the game by 10 for awards and costs and your current coin balance. This allows us finer control for pricing things in the future, but has no direct impact on anything currently.
  • There is now an option to turn off HUD Target Marker scaling in the options.


Hydra (Light)
  • Hydra Mk I requires Cobra Mk II or Draco Mk II
  • Added a utility mod slot
  • Hydra Mk III Revenge prerequisite decreased from 10 to 5
Talos (Light)
  • Talos Mk I requires Hydra Mk II and level 20
  • Added a utility mod slot
  • Added a sensor mod slot
Meteor (Medium)
  • Meteor Mk I requires Comet Mk II or Twister Mk II
  • Meteor Mk III Revenge prerequisite decreased from 10 to 5
  • Added a defense mod slot
Technician (Medium)
  • Technician Mk I prerequisites changed to Medic and Assists
  • Technician Mk III prerequisites changed to Mechanic and Close Call
Ironside (Heavy)
  • Ironside Mk I requires Nemesis Mk II or Fortress Mk II
  • Ironside Mk III Revenge prerequisite decreased from 10 to 5
  • Added a utility mod slot
Invictus (Heavy)
  • Invictus Mk I requires Ironside Mk II and level 20
  • Added a utility mod slot
  • Increased the tier of the second mobility mod slot from 1 to 2

It is also worth noting that GALAHAD 3093 is now free to play on Steam, so you can try all of the new changes out without paying anything!

Halloween Havoc
Halloween Havoc Steam

GALAHAD 3093 Update 7 is available on PC.

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