Gaijin Entertainment Partners with Artstorm for PC Version of Modern Warships

Coming soon to a new platform.
Coming soon to a new platform. Artstorm

Gaijin Entertainment and Artstorm entered a partnership for the release of Modern Warships on PC. This version is planned to be launched later this year.

There’s no question that there are already many military combat simulation games on the market. What makes this one different? According to both Gaijin and Artstorm, what makes this one unique is because it offers faster gameplay and a wide range of vehicles, including modern warships equipped with guided weaponry and futuristic jets.

Modern Warships is actually not an original game but one that’s already available on mobile platforms. Developed by Artstorm, it’s titled Modern Warships on Google Play and Modern Warship: Naval Battles on the App Store.

Gaijin, meanwhile, is known for publishing and developing military online action games. With this new partnership, the addition of Modern Warships is sure to complement its other military games.

Talking about the new partnership, Gaijin Entertainment founder Anton Yudintsev revealed in a statement that they're excited to work with Artstorm and bring their games to new audiences. He added that Modern Warships is a good fit in Gaijin’s portfolio of online games and broadens the experience that they offer.

Meanwhile, Artstorm founder Sergey Petrov shared that they're thrilled to have joined forces with Gaijin given that they're a leader in the online gaming industry. He went on to say that this new partnership will bring the game to new platforms and more players.

The Mobile Version

The mobile version of Modern Warships has players command a warship and participate in epic online sea battles. Key features include:

  • Online PvP battles
    • Prove your commanding skills in fierce naval battles with players from around the world.
  • A full fleet
    • Choose your battleship from more than 30 available models.
      • Each has been made according to the drawings and real characteristics.
    • Ships, submarines, and carrier-based aircraft from different countries are at your command.
      • Each comes with its own unique gameplay.
  • You are in charge
    • Customize your warship with different weapons like missiles, guns, grenade launchers, and torpedo tubes.
    • There are more than 200 weapon types waiting for your command.
  • Beautiful and realistic
    • Enjoy top-notch graphics with detailed ship models and effects.
    • The game has been optimized for a broad range of devices.
  • The fun doesn’t stop.
    • Join weekly tournaments where you can receive in-game prizes.
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