Frozen Flame: Update 0.40 Adds Survival Mode and Improved Combat System

Update 0.40
Update 0.40 Twitter/@PlayFrozenFlame

The multiplayer online survival RPG Frozen Flame received its newest update recently, which made the game more interesting. Update 0.40 added the survival mode and an improved combat system.

The main goal of the new game mode is to build, explore, overcome, and most importantly, survive. It is worth noting that all of the game’s online servers will be set to survival mode for a limited time. Those who play the story mode can still do so via a local game.

The combat system for Frozen Flame has also been improved. It is now possible for you to block the enemy’s attacks. Furthermore, dodge rolls have been replaced with evasions.

Other noteworthy additions in Update 0.40 include new adventures, new equipment, and improvements. You can read the changelog below:

New Equipment
New Equipment Steam
  • Implemented 5 new items:
  • 5 magical rings with unique properties
  • A travel backpack and a torch that will aid you in your journeys
  • A jumping platform and a wooden lamp
  • Reworked the jumping
  • Brought back and revised the stamina
  • Bows no longer require arrows to shoot
  • Players now start the game as skeletons
  • Replaced guardian ghosts with skeletons
  • Revised the Prologue’s narrative
  • Updated the cinematics
  • The Forgetful Spirit
    • New Broken Valley location: Village of the Cursed
    • New NPC: Living Bone
  • The Household Pet
    • New Bonehead quest in the Sanctuary
    • New NPC: Demon-Boar
  • Reworked the weather conditions: the Broken Valley is now colder, with occasional snowfalls
  • Blizzards occur no more than once every half hour and last for several minutes
  • Updated the recipe list and ingredient effects. There are now 33 recipes total, including 15 new ones
  • Removed the “Hunger” mechanic: now all food items have a set usage cooldown
  • Added the ability to reset the Ability Tree progression
  • Reintroduced the passive abilities’ levels
  • Updated and revised the active abilities
  • Reduced the Earth Stomp’s damage
  • Enemies became stronger
  • Active and passive abilities are no longer tied to weapon types
  • Reduced the amount of quickbar slots to four
  • Health potions are no longer added to the quickbar automatically
  • Added island names to the map
  • Added the ability to turn the legend on/off
User Interface
  • The weight indicator now turns red upon exceeding the carry limit
  • Added categories to the inventory
  • Improved gamepad support
  • Added a notification for interacting with a magically sealed chest

Frozen Flame Update 0.40 is now available on PC.

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