Multiplayer Survival Action Game Frozen Flame Officially Announced For Steam Early Access

A closed beta test has been dated for this June.
Developer Dreamside Interactive announces multiplayer action RPG Frozen Flame, set to release on Steam Early Access this Fall.
Developer Dreamside Interactive announces multiplayer action RPG Frozen Flame, set to release on Steam Early Access this Fall. Dreamside Interactive

Developer Dreamside Interactive has just announced that it will be releasing their multiplayer survival action role-playing game Frozen Flame for the PC via Steam Early Access. Initially funded through crowdfunding site, the game will now retail for the minimum planned price point of $29. A closed beta will begin in June and console release dates will be announced soon after that. Check out a trailer for Frozen Flame below.

Frozen Flame is a multiplayer online survival game set in the world of Arkana. The title is derived from the magical in-game Flame: a source of magical power that players can utilize to develop their characters and perform powerful magic. The game follows usual MMORPG mechanics such as grinding for items and resources, crafting powerful weapons, defeating more powerful monsters, getting more resources, crafting stronger weapons, defeating monsters, ad nauseam. However, Frozen Flame promises to be different by providing different goals for each player, such as PvP modes, building your own settlements, hunting for ancient artifacts, or hunting the most powerful monsters on the map. It also introduces a mechanic called “Cataclysm” - an event which periodically happens within the game wherein the world is wiped. Some things may change, some may not. Players may also be able to partially recover saved progress after the Cataclysm.

As for its multiplayer aspect, players can join unique Orders with their own quests and rewards. Battles between Orders will also be available and can be participated in. Players can either enter dedicated servers of up to 50 players or create private ones with their own custom settings.

Frozen Flame’s current state includes its combat system, basic weapons, and armor. Crafting, cooking, and a building system have also been refined to a certain extent. As for hunting, it already has over 10 types of monsters and has introduced its first dungeon.

The game is still expected to stay in Steam Early Access for six to nine months, according to its devs. They are still aiming to add more monster, new areas and dungeons, weapons, and more. Frozen Flame will be available soon for PC via Steam Early Access for $29.

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