Frostpunk 2 Confirmed with Announcement Trailer

Confirmed! 11 bit studios

The Frostpunk sequel is arriving soon and is titled Frostpunk 2. The game will be released on PC through Steam, Epic Games, and GOG.

To get an idea of what the upcoming game is about, you can view the announcement trailer below:

As a bit of a background, Frostpunk had players take the role of a leader in an alternate world. In this one, the eruptions of Mount Tambora and Krakatoa had resulted in the dimming of the Sun. Adding in some other unknown factors, this has led to global cooling. In the end, players were able to prove that they had what it takes to lead a city.

Frostpunk 2 is set 30 years after the first game and it looks like there’s no end to the frost and harsh winter. Players continue to lead a metropolis, one however that is lacking resources. There is now the need to expand and look for new sources of power.

It seems that the age of coal is over and the race for humanity’s survival is focused on oil. Despite this ever-growing need, not everyone seems on board with this plan.

As the game progresses, players get to meet various factions that have different demands as well as expectations and have resulted in tensions and conflicts. The question is whether the players are willing to go for a cold-blooded rule. With the city continuing to experience decreasing temperatures and rising threats, it’s time to make everyone in the metropolis brace for difficult times ahead.

In a post, Frostpunk 2 Co-Director Jakub Stokalski revealed that for the sequel, they wanted the experience to go beyond what the first game had given. While the company has the manpower needed to focus on different parts of the game, it wanted something that wasn’t just a sequel. Stokalski added that they want players to have a wider range of choices and the ability to build the city and society how they want it to. He further said that the sequel centers around many conflicts of the previous game, like life versus frost and survival versus human consequences.

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