Frostpunk Coming Soon to Android and iOS

Coming to a new platform soon.
Coming to a new platform soon. 11 bit studios

If you’ve always wanted to try Frostpunk but couldn’t find the time, then hopefully this news should get you excited. Its developer, 11 Bit Studios, has partnered with NetEase Games to bring Frostpunk to mobile platforms. While no actual launch date has been revealed, it seems the release might be happening later this year.

Frostpunk was initially launched on PC in 2018 while console versions were released in 2019, and the game has since received positive reviews. The game is set in an alternate late 19th century where players take on the role of a leader. Players must build and, more importantly, maintain a city amidst a worldwide volcanic winter. Managing resources and making the right decisions are some of the main tasks players need to fulfill. Resources and other useful items can be gathered while exploring areas outside the city. Players also get to enjoy several scenarios with each one offering their own stories and different challenges.

Frostpunk Mobile hopes to bring the experience to Android and iOS devices. Here, players will explore what humanity is all about and where it stands when it comes to life and death.

Both 11 Bit Studios and NetEase assured fans that the original signature gameplay mechanics are present in the mobile version. Plus, the mobile version will let players dive even deeper into this post-apocalypse society via new features, such as Roguelike Adventure, Law and Guild, Rare Animal Rescue Station, and Character Development. These features aim to immerse players of Frostpunk Mobile.

In a post, 11 Bit Studios CEO Przemysław Marszał shared that they have always been about offering high-quality and meaningful entertainment. Marszał added that this new partnership would allow them to offer Frostpunk to mobile devices. Meanwhile, NetEase Vice President Ethan Wang revealed that they are excited about this partnership and the chance to introduce Frostpunk to mobile platforms.

A more detailed timeline of Frostpunk Mobile is set to be revealed on May 20.

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