Freedom Planet 2: Update 1.1.9r Quenches Neera's Need for Speed

Update 1.1.9r
Update 1.1.9r Steam

The 2D fast-paced action platformer Freedom Planet 2 got a new patch recently. Update 1.1.9r added speed improvements to Neera, making her even more competent than before.

Neera Li is one of the main characters in Freedom Planet 2. While she can take some hits and dish out pain, she has a very clear downside in that she’s a tad slower compared to the other characters in Team Lilac. Because of this, the developers have improved her speed to make her more viable.

Spear Drive, one of Neera’s abilities where she uses her Cryo Staff to perform a basic stab attack while on the ground, received a speed increase from three to five. Furthermore, the speed increase is no longer capped at 18, which means that Neera’s Spear Drive is now on par with the global ground speed cap of 24.

Additionally, Neera’s multi-hit attacks are now more likely to land on enemies successfully due to the change made to their invincibility time, where a multiplier is imposed based on the current speed of the attack animation. This makes it so that Neera will get the most out of her fast/boosted attacks.

Update 1.1.9r also introduces a new item called the Petal Armor. Equipping this item increases the player’s invincibility time to three seconds after getting hit without a shield. This can be purchased from Yuni in the Springing Water Temple for one Gold Gem. Alternatively, players can buy this from Chloe in Shuigang Kingdom/Parusa Island for two Gold Gems.


  • Several "rival" bosses now don't inflict hitstun on themselves if their attack connects with the player; this should fix cases when these bosses would freeze in place when colliding with guarding players.
  • Changed interaction mechanisms between players and crush zones. Crush zones scripts are now passive by themselves, and player script now instead scans for crush zones if it detects being pinched from two opposite directions during terrain unstuck check method. Crush zones now require to overlap the player using OOBB collision check instead of AABB to take into account player's angle and exclude more cases of unfair deaths.
  • Shockwaves from Stinger Bombs now should not skip or add extra waves depending on delta time.
  • The Results menu now waits for 20 frames before removing any slowdown effects - this should return proper slowdown effect if, for example, the stage is considered complete on defeating a "rival" boss character.
  • Cutscenes in Palace Courtyard, Nalao Lake, Diamond Point, Merga, and the ending should now be skippable in Classic mode.
  • Chloe now sells Strong Shields and Element Burst, for 3 gold gems each.
  • Element Burst's price in Classic mode has been reduced to 1 gold gem to match its price in Yuni's shop in Adventure mode.
  • Cores are now magnetized by metal shields instead of earth shields. The description of the metal shield in the Guide has been updated to reflect this. Their magnet range now doubles while the shield is active.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Freedom Planet 2 Update 1.1.9r is available on PC.

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