Freedom Planet 2: Controller Support Massively Improved in Update 1.0.5r

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Do you use a controller when playing action platformers like Freedom Planet 2? If that’s the case, Update 1.0.5r might make you happy because this patch greatly improves the game’s controller support.

Freedom Planet 2 now uses Rewired as its main input system in Update 1.0.5r. For the uninitiated, Rewired is an advanced input system that provides powerful features, including support for more than 20 buttons per controller, full hot-plugging support for joysticks, and gamepad vibration, among many others.

The shift to the new input system allowed Freedom Planet 2’s developers to make massive improvements. For one, there’s greater flexibility now when mapping multiple buttons to the same action. In the “Controls” menu, you can select which devices you want to rebind: keyboard, joystick, or mouse.

Additionally, the game now remembers individual input settings for specific joysticks. This means that you no longer have to rebind controls when switching to a different gamepad, which was already set up previously. You just plug the controller in and start playing!

Here is a rundown of controller-related improvements implemented in this patch:

  • A popup window now appears when selecting an action to rebind, with "Change," "Remove," and "Cancel" options.
  • Greater stability when unplugging and plugging in controllers while the game is running.
  • Button graphics are now handled automatically through Rewired's more accurate naming conventions. We currently have button icons for Sony DualShock controllers, and additional button sprites will be created in the future for other common controller types.
  • The font used for button labels has been changed to be more legible at smaller sizes, and label text will dynamically scale to the length of the name.
  • During gameplay, button prompts in the Action Guide, menu, and elsewhere will dynamically change appearance to reflect the most recently used input device.

Update 1.0.5r brought balancing adjustments and bug fixes as well. You can read some of them below:

Royal Palace/Gong’s Dojo
  • Fixed a line of Leone's that still provided the option to dine with Askal when he is not present.
  • Reduced the hitbox for Askal's Hundred Hook Punch to better match how the move visually appears.
  • After completion of the required Mayhem Monday circuit, a new location appears on the World Map above the lobby, Battlesphere Arena, which will take players directly to the Battlesphere menu.
  • Removed a background star that was appearing over the Battlesphere's fist in the background of the Battlesphere menu.
  • The lifts in the Battlesphere lobby will now automatically travel to the same floor that the player is on.
Lunar Cannon
  • The player's field of view when the stage is dark has been swapped out for a light circle, which should hopefully increase performance on lower-end PCs.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

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