Fortnite: Update v23.10 Adds Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike and Ex-Caliber Rifle in Creative Mode

Update v23.10
Update v23.10 Epic Games

Epic Games brought several new things from Fortnite Battle Royale into Creative Mode in Update v23.10, including a new vehicle, a new weapon, and new consumable items.

Ride Like the Wind

Want to get from one point to another really fast in Fortnite Creative? Well, that’s now possible thanks to the Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike. This vehicle was first introduced in Chapter 4 Season 1 of Battle Royale, but you can now put this dirt bike on your island by using the aptly named Dirt Bike Spawner.

What’s cool about the dirt bike is that it also interacts with the Movement Modulator for even more speed! Just be careful when driving because the dirt bike has poor handling when it’s boosted by the said device.

Fire and Forget

Ex-Caliber Rifle
Ex-Caliber Rifle Epic Games

Another BR content now available in Creative Mode is the Ex-Caliber Rifle, and this unique semi-automatic rifle fires ballistic blades that detonate shortly after. The projectiles attach to objects like walls and floors, which makes this gun quite forgiving for those who have poor aim as they can just rely on detonation damage to eliminate their foes.

Rejuvenate with a Slap

Slap Berry and Slap Juice
Slap Berry and Slap Juice Epic Games

Two new consumables have made their way to Creative Mode as well. The Slap Berry is a refreshing fruit that not only restores some HP but also gives unlimited energy regeneration for a short time. This consumable is pretty convenient, especially for players who constantly use charged attacks.

The Slap Juice, on the other hand, gives the same benefits as the Slap Berry, except better in every way. It gives more health and the temporary energy regeneration lasts longer, plus it is currently the only item in Fortnite that can be consumed while moving. Pretty useful, isn’t it?

Other Updates

Smaller Player Collision Capsule
  • As part of improvements to core systems across Fortnite, we’ve been able to reduce the size of the capsule used for collision with the player. This allows players to more nimbly traverse tight-knit corridors. You may find players are able to get to areas they were unable to previously.
  • The following devices have been updated to broadcast a message to the HUD when players score points:
    • Collectible Item
    • Color Change Tile
    • Objective
    • Pinball Bumper
    • Pinball Flipper
    • Score Manager
  • Timer
  • For the devices listed above, the following new customizable options have been added:
    • Display Score Update On HUD
    • HUD Message
    • Reset HUD Message Score
    • HUD Message Score Color
    • HUD Message Color
  • New visual style for the Explosive device
    • In addition to the explosive barrel, you can now choose Bomb for the Device Mesh option. This is a round, cartoonish bomb with a fuse coming out of the top. If you have either the Proximity Delay option or Time to Detonation from Game Start option turned on, the fuse on the bomb stays lit while the timer is active.

The full patch notes can be found here.

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