Fortnite: Update 17.21 Introduces Plasma Cannon; Mysterious Ship Spotted Too

Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon Epic Games

Fortnite Update 17.21 has recently dropped to live servers, and it introduces a pretty overpowered gun: the Plasma Cannon. Also, a mysterious alien ship has been spotted hovering over The Aftermath.

Plasma Cannon

The Plasma Cannon, according to its official notes, can be found on normal and IO chests.

Anyway, the Plasma Cannon has enough power to shoot five balls of energy, though only one ball can be fired at a time. What makes this gun special is due to its unique mechanic where the balls would slowly move forward, wreaking havoc in its path.

In the video below, you can see that just one blast from the Plasma Cannon can destroy countless walls. This could be seen as an overpowered armament, which is why it cannot be used in competitive playlists.

Upon firing the Plasma Cannon, the ball will be surrounded by an electrical dome as it moves forward. It affects vehicles and characters as well, and anything caught will take heavy damage. In addition, if you can push enemies into the dome, like knocking them back using the Pulverizer, they will take repeated damage in the process.

Aside from finding the weapon in certain chests, the Plasma Cannon can also be crafted by combining an Alien Nanite with a Legendary Pistol.

Mysterious Ship

An alien ship has been spotted hovering over the Aftermath. According to the IO, it is unclear what the motive of the alien spacecraft is as it is not doing anything at the moment.

However, since it is manned by extraterrestrials, you have to be ready for what’s to come as it may not be pretty. You will see its true purpose soon enough.

The Inflatable Bull is Back

The recent update didn’t introduce a lot of things, though it has given enough. Aside from the Plasma Cannon, the Inflate-A-Bull has been re-enabled in competitive playlists as well.

While most players are happy that the inflatable object is back, some people want keyboard and mouse users to be separated from those who are using controllers. This is just to retain competitive integrity and so that the game will not be extremely unfair to certain people.

Rumored Weapon Not in the Update

Fortnite Grabitron
Fortnite Grabitron Twitter/@HYPEX

Prominent Fortnite leaker @HYPEX tweeted a few days ago that the GRAB-ITRON weapon will be enabled once Update 17.21 launches. Unfortunately, it is not in the current patch notes, which means that it might be introduced later.

Fortnite Update 17.21 is now available for all supported platforms.

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