Fortnite Latest LTM: Try Escape a Hostile Island

Test your survival skills.
Test your survival skills. Epic Games

What do you do when you find out that you’ve been stranded on an island? The most obvious decision is to find the best way to get out of the island. This is what’s going to happen in the latest limited-time mode offered by Fortnite.

The Impossible Escape has players try to survive and get out of the island. This event lasts until May 25 and is available for both PvE and PvP. In addition to the taste of freedom, those who manage to escape get some interesting items. PvE players can get the Impossible Odds Loading Screen while PvP players can grab the Escapist Umbrella.

So how does this new LTM work? All 16 players awaken far away from each other. It’s up to you to look for other players and know who wants to form a squad. In this LTM, you have the choice to group up with another player upon approach. This also means that they can communicate with one another using the in-game chat. Just remember that each squad can only have a maximum of four players.

Now there are Choppas on the island but the actual number depends on whether it's on PvE or PvP. PvP only has one Choppa while PvE has three.

However, reaching one isn't as simple as getting on it and escaping. That’s because each one needs to be repaired using four specific parts, which are scattered across the island.

Did we mention that the island is home to dangerous guardians and savage animals? At sundown, new threats can come out and prey on players. Thus, groups must wisely consider when to split up, which isn't recommended when the sun is out.

Just like your typical PvE and PvP settings, PvE does not allow harming other players, while PvP removes civility and may be more realistic for some players.

So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to survive and escape?

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