Fortnite's Patch 16.40 is Huge with Major Additions and Bug Fixes

Orelia Epic Games

Fortnite’s patch 16.40 is now available for download on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

The new update brings a lot of content, including an exotic weapon called the Marksman Six Shooter, a new POI, NPC, and more.

Exciting Content

Players who have noticed a mysterious island at the southern portion of the map will be greeted by a new NPC, Orelia. She is in the Isla Nublada and plays a role in giving the Lara Croft (Gold Anniversary) skin.

Aside from a new NPC, you can also gain an unfair advantage by using the new exotic weapon, Marksman Six Shooter. This weapon can be used to knock your opponents down quickly with its bonus critical damage to headshots.

Summer-themed Additions

Because summer is fast approaching, Epic Games is calling out creative people to submit their own summer-inspired games. All winning entries will be featured in future events during the summer event. So if you are interested, send your ideas soon.

Patch 16.40 also released a lot of summer-themed content like surfboards and boats, among other things.

Major Issues Fixed

The said patch is filled with exciting content, but that is not the only thing new. The update also addressed many major issues. Here is a brief list of bug fixes:

Battle Royale

  • Fixes the issue where long-pressing the inventory button selects the first craftable item on the list
  • Fixes the issue where players would land at a different location when gliding after jumping out of the battle bus


  • PS4 and PS5 players can now create system-level parties
  • Visual issues on Toon Meowscles and other similar outfits are fixed on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android.


  • Recent Islands list now updates with correct information when entering an island
  • Fixes an issue with small white boxes appearing on consumables
  • Prop-O-Matic should now work as intended

New Hero: Beast Boy

Since Fortnite is a really popular game, the developer can easily collaborate with major companies to give fans fresh content.

The upcoming addition is Beast Boy, a character from the Teen Titans. He can transform into different animals and will bring his abilities to the table. He will be introduced on Thursday, May 13.

So, which new content are you most excited about?

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