Fortnite Is Getting Ray Tracing Update On September 17

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Fornite RTX
Fornite RTX Nvidia

During Nvidia's RTX 30 series presentation, the company stated that Fortnite will be among the many games that will be leveraging the power of RTX features very soon. We also received an RTX trailer for Fortnite, which showed off ray traced shadows, reflections, DLSS, and even Reflex technology.

Today, we have more exciting news for Fortnite players on PC as Nvidia recently announced that the game will be getting a new update on September 17. In addition to the announcement, Nvidia also shared brief details on each of the RTX features, as well as sharing some interactive screenshots showing the comparison when RTX features are turned on and off in the game.

  • Ray Traced Reflections: RTX's ray traced reflections will render super realistic reflections in realtime on water bodies and other reflective surfaces. The game will now also have finely tuned lighting to produce beautiful reflections.
  • Ray Traced Shadows: With the RTX update, Fortnite will look like a completely new game visually. Enabling ray traced shadows will result in realistic shadows with more depth and detail. Moreover, ray traced shadows will update in realtime as the time of day changes.
  • Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion: When objects and surfaces meet, it results in the occlusion of light, creating subtle shadows. Ray Traced ambient occlusion helps in providing realistic depth to subtle shadows and make them appear more accurate.
  • Ray Traced Global Illumination: Fortnite's maps are illuminated by skylights and with Ray Traced Global Illumination, these lights will illuminate the map dynamically. Additionally, Global Illumination also produces bounced light, making the game look even more eye candy.

Nvidia also advised players to only turn on ray traced reflections when playing the game. Ray traced shadows, ambient occlusion, and global illumination are best enabled when using the Creative Mode and when using Omniverse Machinima.

Fortnite will also support DLSS 2.0, which is a rendering technology that improves visual fidelity without compromising performance.

The Fortnite ray tracing update is releasing on September 17.

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