Fortnite Removes Hi-Rez Textures Feature

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High-resolution textures are often provided to improve visual fidelity in games, but this hasn't been the case with Fortnite. A hi-rez textures feature was originally introduced in patch v14.10. The feature was intended to improve visual quality on the PlayStation 4 and Android devices. However, players also noticed that the option was also present on all platforms, but turning it on did not result in any visual improvements. This is when the official Fortnite Status Twitter account stepped up to clear up the confusion by confirming that the feature only worked on PS4 and Android.

Shortly after, the account also stated that turning the feature off on the PS4 resulted in some textures looking worse than before. The account advised PS4 players to keep the option on while the developer continues to resolve the issue. Today, the feature has been disabled for everyone across all platforms. Epic Games also stated that the feature was intended for Android users only and it is currently working toward fixing it.

Fans must already know that Epic Games has made critical efforts to improve the visuals in Fortnite. The developer recently upgraded the Unreal Engine's Chaos physics engine, improving the game's visuals dramatically and bringing it in line with the most modern Battle Royale shooters. Recently, Epic Games also partnered with Nvidia to bring RTX and DLSS to Fortnite in a future update. RTX and DLSS will give the game a new visual treatment with better shadows, reflections, lighting, and improved performance.

However, it seems that the hi-rez textures could have caused some unexplained issues, or maybe it was implemented earlier than expected. Nevertheless, Epic Games should soon resolve the issue and make the game stable across all platforms.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Android.

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