Fortnite Fortbyte #72 Location: How To Find The New Fortbyte In Salty Springs

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Finally, players can find Fortbyte #72 in the game.
Finally, players can find Fortbyte #72 in the game. Epic Games

Have you been wondering where the new Fortbyte is in Fortnite? Well, you have come to the right place. The latest piece of the puzzle from Epic Games is #72, and it can be found in Salty Springs. Fortunately, Salty Springs is not a massive location, but it still requires a little bit of effort to know where to find it.

The first thing that you need to do is head north and find the middle part of the zone. It is easy to locate, considering there are only six buildings in the Salty Springs area. Go and find a red truck, which is just near the reboot van.

What you are looking for is in the windshield of the knocked-over vehicle. You can always grab the Fortbyte, but make sure you are not in the Creative Mode. It would be interesting to know why Epic Games chose to let players find these in Creative mode, but do not allow players to grab it.

Apparently, Salty is not really the most popular drop zones these days. But hey, it is better to land here since it is a named area and not in the middle of nowhere. Once you have grabbed the piece, you can start gearing up and play a real match.

As of press time, no other details have been released regarding the locations of the next pieces. It is safe to assume this new info will be made available anytime this week.

In related news, the game developer has just released another crossover event in Fortnite. After introducing John Wick, Fortnite will feature the basketball GOAT Michael Jordan. Well, not exactly him, or a character based on him. It is more about his brand called Jumpman. Even more so, the focus isn't even on basketball, but rather skateboarding. Players will be roaming around the “Brooklyn-inspired” streets as they complete challenges.

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