Fortnite Creative: Players Can Now Use Hiding Props to Travel Instantly in Update v23.50

Update v23.50
Update v23.50 Twitter/@FNCreate

The Hiding Props in Fortnite Creative just got better in Update v23.50. That’s because you can now use them to travel from one prop to another just by setting the right options.

For those who don’t know, certain props in Fortnite allow you to hide from the enemy, including the Dumpster, Haystack, and Portable Toilet. In Update v23.50, you can teleport to these "Hiding Props" instantly.

To do this, you must assign any hiding prop to a group by inputting a number in the “Hidden Travel Group” option. If you want to determine which hiding props can be targeted as a hidden travel destination, you can do that with “Hidden Travel Target Group.”

It goes without saying that this new teleport feature is only possible if Hidden Travel is enabled. Besides that, you can set it so that the feature can only be used once per prop.

In addition, the Pop-Up Dialog Device has been updated in this patch. You can now use its rich text editor to show your text in more stylish ways. Do you want to put more emphasis on certain words? You can do that and more with the newly improved Pop-Up Dialog Device!

Patch Notes

  • New Shifty Shafts Prefabs:
    • Shifty Shafts Mine A
    • Shifty Shafts Mine B
    • Shifty Shafts Mine C
  • New Shifty Shafts Galleries:
    • Shifty Shafts Building Gallery
    • Shifty Shafts Prop Gallery
  • Sanctuary Mighty Monument Gallery: Added destroyed statue assets.
  • Door Gallery: Added more door variants.
  • Pirate Ship Gallery: Added destroyed ship assets.
  • Chapter 4 Nature Gallery: Added three Autumn bush variants.
  • Cloud Prop Gallery: Added four clouds that have no collision properties.
  • Battle Royale Island Loot Controller has new options:
    • Restrict Health Items (Yes/No)
    • Restrict Shield Items (Yes/No)
    • Allow Consumable Items in Loot (Yes/No)
    • Allow Weapons in Loot (Yes/No)
    • Allow Ammo in Loot (Yes/No)
  • Battle Royale Island Loot Controller loot pools were updated to match current Battle Royale items. Primal items were removed from loot pools.
  • Battle Royale Island Loot Controller has new options for islands converted to direct event binding:
    • On Common Chest Looted
    • On Rare Chest Looted
    • On Produce Box Looted
    • On Ammo Box Looted
    • On Cash Register Looted
  • Battle Royale Island Map Settings Device has added a new option to turn Reality Augments on or off. If the option is turned on, all released Reality Augments will be available to players on Battle Royale Islands.
  • The Accolade device is now available in Battle Royale Islands.
  • Fixed an issue where sprinting players were unable to crouch correctly when the Allow Sliding option in My Island > Settings was set to Off.
  • Fixed an issue where a thrown Cow Catcher on an island could not be destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where items did not spawn correctly on some older islands.
  • Fixed an issue where creators could not place Prefabs or Galleries at different distances.

So, what can you say about the new Hiding Props travel feature in Fortnite Creative Update v23.50?

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