Fortnite Creative: Infinite Sprinting and Adjusted Overshield Now Possible in Update 20.40

Update 20.40
Update 20.40 Twitter/@FNCreate

Creators are going to be happy with the latest patch for Fortnite Creative. That’s because new overshield and sprinting parameters have been added in Update 20.40 which allows them to tweak several things, including sprint speed and max overshield value.

Infinite Sprinting is now possible in Fortnite Creative. To do this, creators can set the sprinting energy cost per second to zero. Creators can also tweak many settings related to sprinting, such as how fast players can run and how high players can jump while sprinting.

The Overshield, for those who are new to Fortnite, is an extra layer of protection that gets depleted first before the regular shield. That said, creators can now adjust some overshield parameters. For example, they can determine the maximum amount of overshield a player can have. Creators can choose how much overshield gets recharged per second as well.

The new overshield and sprinting parameters can be found on My Island > Settings.

In addition, creators can now add some fluffy clouds to any map. Head over to the galleries section and find the Cloud Prop Gallery in the “Recently Added” list.


  • You can now turn on or off sliding on a per team/class basis
  • New media has been added to the Video Player. You will now have the option to use the “Party Royale Mix” in the Video Player in addition to the six available music videos created by xDogged
  • Fixed collision issues with the giant rock base in the Spire Gallery
  • Fixed an issue with the barrier prop, from Chonker’s Speedway Prop Gallery, from not having a bottom texture
  • Fixed an issue with IO Blimp and The Fortress assets getting destroyed from players' building
  • The Mounted Anti-Vehicle Turret is now the Heavy Turret and the Mounted Artillery Cannon is now the Siege Cannon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tracker wouldn’t update properly for all teams when multiple teams were able to instigate
  • Fixed an issue where players would lose all functionality when joining a match in progress where they spawned into a damage volume that was set to only eliminate a different team
  • Fixed an issue where that caused the enable/disable settings for the elimination manager to not function
  • Fixed an issue that cause the character animation to break when entering an occupied vehicle using a button
  • Fixed an issue that prevent the flashlight to not turn on and produce light

The full patch notes for Fortnite Creative Update 20.40 is available on the official website.

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