Fortnite Creative: New Video Player, Water Device, and VFX Creator Now Available in Update v20.20

Update v20.20
Update v20.20 Twitter/@FNCreate

Three new exciting devices are now usable in the latest update for Fortnite Creative. Update v20.20 introduces the Video Player, Water Device, and VFX Creator that can help make your island livelier than ever.

The Water Device is arguably the most exciting new gadget in Update v20.20. As the name implies, this device can be used to create bodies of water on your island. Whether you want to create a small pond or a huge ocean, the choice is entirely up to you.

The next notable gadget is the VFX Creator. This device gives you a set of tools that create some tweakable special effects. You can use it to highlight a certain in-game event or create an atmosphere that will emphasize the vision you have for your island.

VFX Creator
VFX Creator Epic Games

Previously known as the “Llamatron,” the Video Player is a device that allows you to broadcast music videos made by the talented content creator, xDogged. You can resize the Video Player however you want. There are only six music videos available for the Video Player at the moment though. Hopefully, more will arrive soon.


  • Titan Tanks
  • Mounted Artillery Cannon
  • Mounted Anti-Vehicle Turret
New: Career Tracker
  • Gives the ability to track more stats for players by adding these options to the Save Point Device
  • To enable it, Creators need to update the Save Point Device and the Scoreboard HUD. Once updated, players will be able to view career scores in the new Career Tab
Update: Switch Device
  • We’ve added the following new device skins for the Switch Device:
    • Checkbox
    • Ancient Lever
    • Circuit Breaker
  • Added 5 New Prefabs
    • 2 Gas Station Prefabs
    • 3 Chonker’s Speedway Prefabs
  • Added 5 New Galleries
    • 1 Gas Station Gallery
    • 4 Chonker’s Speedway Galleries
  • Fixed an issue where some assets, from The Fortress Gallery and Command Cavern Prop Gallery A, were giving the incorrect type of resource materials
  • Fixed an issue where some assets, from Command Cavern Wall and Roof Gallery, were overlapping
  • Fixed an issue where galleries didn’t open for detailed view
  • Fixed an issue with Accolades that caused XP earned to not be displayed on the HUD
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Prop Mover device
  • Fixed an issue with the Sentry Device not sending signals to other devices when eliminating players or creatures
  • Fixed an issue with guards spawning at the incorrect time

The full patch notes can be found on Fortnite’s official website.

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