‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers: Gorilla Grodd Returns In Two-Episode Arc In Gorilla City

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Gorilla Grodd has been in every season of 'The Flash' so far. CW

The stakes are high for Barry Allen going into the second half of The Flash Season 3. Accidentally landing six months in the future, Barry sees Savitar kill Iris right in front of his eyes. This means Team Flash’s only mission moving forward is to find and take down the god of speed to prevent Iris’ death. However, a recent casting announcement confirms a huge plot twist that will take Barry and the team outside of Central City to defeat a familiar villain.

The Flash Season 3 spoilers will follow. Please click away to another one of our fine articles if you do not want to see or read what happens later this season.

Gorilla Grodd has been in every season of 'The Flash' so far. Photo: CW

David Sobolov just confirmed on Twitter he will return as Gorilla Grodd this season. If you remember these set photos from last month, this casting announcement isn’t a surprise. While you can’t see Grodd in any of the set photos, the fan who took them reports hearing Savitar say: “I challenge you, Grodd!”

This matches with spoilers revealed at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, where producers said Gorilla Grodd will return in a two-episode arc taking place in Gorilla City on Earth-2, his last known whereabouts in The Flash Season 2. How exactly Savitar fits in this picture remains to be seen. The fact god of speed is challenging Grodd probably means the gorilla isn’t his next evil minion. But you never know, it wouldn't be the first time Grodd is influenced by an evil speedster. 

Jesse Quick, Vibe, Kid Flash, Flash, and an unnamed woman who we now know is Gypsy are also in the photos. The appearance of Jesse Quick and Harrison Wells, who live on Earth-2, certainly makes sense if Team Flash is in Earth-2 Gorilla City. Maybe it’s Jesse Quick that calls Barry for help.

accelerated man
Accelerated Man is from Earth-19. Photo: DC

Even more, a mysterious hero wearing what looks to be a very old version of a Flash costume is also on scene. While we’re unable to make out the actor's face, just going by the costume, this person could be Accelerated Man. The costume looks exactly like he does in the comics. Accelerated Man is from Earth-19, the same place H.R. Wells is from. H. R. also told everyone he used to assist The Flash on his Earth and Accelerated Man is described as Earth 19’s version of The Flash. Interesting...

What do you make of all these new plot points? Are Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, Vibe, Gypsy, Accelerated Man, Savitar, and Flash all going to be in Gorilla City? Let us know in the comments below. The Flash returns Jan. 24.

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