‘The Flash’ Season 3: Grant Gustin Teases Suit Upgrade With Time-Lapse Video

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Lightning strikes twice! CW

Keiynan Lonsdale posted a video of himself getting a new Kid Flash growl a few months back and now Grant Gustin has done the same. While The Flash series star already told fans he’s long overdue for a suit on Twitter, it looks like the studio is finally fulfilling his request. Check out the instagram video below:

This would be Barry’s fourth super suit, if he is indeed getting a new one. There’s always the possibility the designers are simply making Gustin’s suit more comfortable to wear on set, but the actor’s previous tweet seems to suggest otherwise. There are a few possibilities for what an upgraded suit could look like. If Gustin is being fitted for a simple red suit upgrade, there could be a few minor cosmetic changes, such as a yellow lightning streak at the waist. If that’s the case, Cisco would probably also make some tech upgrades.

However, we can’t rule out the possibility Gustin is being fitted for a suit to wear as a different version of Barry Allen this season during the Savitar or Black Flash arc, such as future Flash. It’s also possible that a glance into the far future has Barry wearing a totally different version of his red costume, such as a design with yellow boots.

As far as Kid Flash’s new costume goes, he may be getting fitted for an all-red version for a flash-forward scene where Barry is dead and he is the only Flash. However, there is always the possibility that Kid Flash is just getting a more comfortable suit (as with Gustin’s costume) since it’s only Keiynan Lonsdale’s first design. Personally, I’m hoping for a scene where Kid Flash’s suit gets destroyed during training, like we saw happen to Barry early on in the series.

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What's in store for 'The Flash' Season 4? Photo: CW

Do you think Barry and Wally are getting  new suits? If so, which design? Let us know in the comments below!

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