First Class Trouble Update 18 Adds Custom Games and Parameters

First Class Trouble
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First Class Trouble is an asymmetric multiplayer game that requires players to shut down a deadly AI. This update comes with new features and some extra tweaks.

New Features

Custom Games

The developers have been teasing their preparation for custom games since Patch 1.3.9 . The wait is finally over, as Update 18 launched custom game mode. To start up, six players have to join a party, and then they will be prompted to start a custom game. Players can adjust the settings of the party and will get several parameters to change between.

This mode is strictly a six-player mode, and if a player decides to leave the lobby, the game will automatically switch back to standard.

Custom Game Parameters

The developers have released three parameters for custom games.

  • The first is to adjust the amount of Personoids. Personoids are the humanoid-robotic servants who are supposed to trick their allies. This option allows players to set up to six Personoids.
  • The second is to adjust the amount of Overdose Syringes. This option will make the game more challenging according to the number of Syringes added to the level. If players want to make the game all about deception and ruining each other, then set it to zero. Alternately, they can change it to six syringes if they want to be hunted down by Personoids all game.
  • The third is to adjust the number of main levels in the game. Players can add up to three levels in the custom lobby. If they want it to be a long session, they can play three levels, or just make it one level and skip to the server room level.

First Class Trouble Update 18

  • Localized additional content from last update. This will be ongoing monthly adding localization from the last update.
  • Lowered the LOD amount on the Extravagant Dragon Vruumba.
  • Changed the months from the Roadmap, which all were 1 month of. They displayed the internal sprints and not the actual targeted release dates.
  • Adjusted the sizing of the matchmaking messages to be more aligned to different languages.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed multiple party invites being displayed at the same time. Now it will show the oldest invite until you dismiss the invite.
Known Issues
  • When you press return in the custom games settings panel as a host when searching for a match it will cancel the search for match.

You can read more about the update here.

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