Robin, Lucina And Lissa Gameplay Revealed In New Fire Emblem Warriors Build

Some of the playable characters in Fire Emblem Warriors
Some of the playable characters in Fire Emblem Warriors Koei Tecmo

Fire Emblem Warriors is a collaboration between Nintendo and Koei Tecmo that brings the sword-slashing action of Dynasty Warriors to the Fire Emblem universe.

Certain characters have already been revealed, including two brand new heroes made specifically for Fire Emblem Warriors, but a new build was demoed at Japan Expo that included some characters that were not previously playable.

According to Serene Forest -- via Nintendo Everything -- Robin (male), Lucina and Lissa were playable during Japan Expo and some story elements were revealed as well. Nintendo reps at the event also confirmed that players will be able to choose between full English or Japanese audio.

The story of Fire Emblem Warriors follows the twins as their kingdom is under attack by dragons. The two are forced to leave their kingdom and recruit warriors from other worlds to help reclaim their home.

Here’s a rundown of what male Robin, Lucina and Lissa can do in battle, as seen during the event.

Robin fights with a tome and can make lightning spheres as his normal attack. He can charge his spells for a strong attack. Those over on Serene Forest say that it looks like some of Robin’s spells actually do damage over time rather than do fast hits. He can create fire, falling thunder lasers, wind blades, a magic circle that makes him levitate, a giant purple sphere and a lightning vortex. Robin uses his Levin Sword for all of his special attacks.

Lucina is described as a pretty typical sword fighter, with the same moves she had in Awakening. The exception is one attack in which she uses a bow of light to attack high enemies.

Lissa is said to be surprisingly fast and can swing her axe like a baton. Sometimes, she can grapple enemies with her axe and can end attacks with thunder magic using her staff. As for her healing abilities, before you use it, an effect zone is shown.

Players can heal without the need of a healer by smashing pots that contain cups of tea. So don’t panic if you don’t have a healer on your team.

Fire Emblem Warriors will release for Nintendo Switch and 3DS this Fall.

So what do you think of the characters going to appear in Fire Emblem Warriors ? Who do you hope makes the cut? Let us know in the comments section below.

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