Slaughtering Armies Of Faceless Men In Fire Emblem Warriors Is Way Too Satisfying

Ryoma can be found in Fire Emblem Warriors
Ryoma can be found in Fire Emblem Warriors Nintendo

If you’re familiar with the Dynasty Warriors franchise, then you know what you’ll get in Fire Emblem Warriors . You’ll run around through different areas and dungeons, slashing and hacking your way through wave after wave of enemies until you complete your objectives.

Koei Tecmo has teamed up with Nintendo in recent years to bring new spins on the franchise, like when they brought the fighters of The Legend of Zelda series to Hyrule Warriors . Now, the two have collaborated again to bring the Fire Emblem characters to the genre and allow players to take control of these characters for the first time.

But, again, if you’re familiar with the Dynasty Warriors formula, then you know exactly what Fire Emblem Warriors will deliver and that’s not a bad thing.

At E3 2017, I got an opportunity for some hands-on time with the Nintendo Switch version of Fire Emblem Warriors and I had a blast mowing down enemies with over the top sword fighting action.

The controls are simple enough; you can move around with the control pad while you press a combination of three buttons to chain combos together and take down enemies. The star element of Fire Emblem Warriors is how the combinations look when they are performed. There’s something satisfying about slashing away at hordes of soldiers with some of the most over-the-top moves performed with a sword.

I generally enjoy hack-and-slash games, but I will admit they get a bit repetitive as you move on in the story. Hopefully Fire Emblem Warriors can change that since there are a ton of different types of fighters.

The sword, axe, lance weapon system is still intact, so it’ll be great to play as anyone that isn’t a sword wielder.

One gripe I had with Fire Emblem Warriors was the graphics and textures. The best way that I can describe it is that it doesn’t look like a Nintendo Switch title. Perhaps I’m spoiled by how gorgeous games like Breath of the Wild and others looked, but I just wasn’t wowed by the presentation.

Fire Emblem fans will get a kick out of being able to control their favorite characters in battle for the first time and seeing some of these acrobatic, out-of-this-world swordplay will get anyone who enjoys action out of their seat.

Fire Emblem Warriors will release for Nintendo Switch and 3DS this fall.

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