Final Fantasy XVI is Launching The Rising Tide DLC this April

A new adventure coming soon. Square Enix

The Rising Tide DLC for Final Fantasy XVI is all set to be launched this April 18 and available for the PlayStation 5. After the release of Echoes of the Fallen, which was the first paid DLC, this one marks as the final DLC chapter of the game. While the DLCs can be purchased individually, both chapters are available under the Expansion Pass at a discounted price.

Those who buy The Rising Tide, or even the Expansion Pass, get to receive special bonus items that include:

  • a reimagined version of the "Curtana"
    • It's the signature weapon used by the Warrior of Light in Final Fantasy XIV.
  • "Torn from the Heavens" and "Through the Maelstrom" Orchestrion Rolls
    • To be played as background music in the hideaway.

In The Rising Tide, players get to unlock a new story which adds a new depth to the journey of Clive before the story reaches in conclusion. It all starts when an unmarked letter arrives at the hideaway and addressed to Clive. It contains a request to rescue the Dominant of Leviathan the Lost. With this, Clive and his companions now go on an adventure to the hidden land of Mysidia and learn more about the tragic history of a forgotten people.

Aside from a new story, players also get to enjoy new battles, new sidequests, new weapons, and new accessories, to name a few.

New Update

A free update is also launching on the same date as new DLC comes out. It's expected to add quality of life improvements for the game that include:

  • Return to a quest giver immediately with the new "Quick Complete" function.
  • Icon updates for important character quests.
  • A new Skill Set feature which allows players to save up to 5 unique Feat and Ability sets.
  • Abilities and Accessories adjusted for easier use.
  • New "Custom" controller type allows for freely customizable button layouts.
  • Tone correction, screen effects, and more added to Photo Mode.
  • Numerous new orchestrion rolls added.

Final Fantasy XVI is available for PlayStation 5 and introduces players a new story in the Final Fantasy universe. It's set in the realm of Valisthea, a land that's been blessed in the light of the Mothercrystals. It's a land that has experience peace which has since faltered with the spread of the Blight which also threatens to destroy the dominions.

Those interested to check out the game can try download the free demo on the PlayStation Store.

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