'Final Fantasy XV' Update 1.10 Survey Teases Major Story Additions, New Playable Characters and More

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Final Fantasy XV Square Enix

Square Enix released a new update for Final Fantasy XV this week, bringing the usual smattering of miscellaneous bug fixes to the epic open-world RPG and a new recipe for our fave chef, Ignis. But what’s really getting attention is the new in-game survey asking what additional FFXV content players would like to see in the future, including possible new story content, playable characters and more.

You can only vote once in the survey, and can only choose one item. Square Enix says options performing well in the survey may be added to FFXV in the future. There’s some great choices here, so much so that it’s tough to pick only one. Below you’ll find the options to pick from, though bear in mind these may contain some story spoilers if you haven’t yet completed the main storyline of the game.

The Chocobros of Final Fantasy XV at Hammerhead. Photo: Square Enix
  • Story Content: Ardyn’s Past
  • Story Content: Lunafreya’s Activities
  • Story Content: Cor’s Activities
  • Story Content: The line of Lucis
  • Story Content: Ifrit’s Betrayal
  • Story Content: The World of Ruin
  • Story Content: Noctis’ Disappearance
  • Playable Character: Cor
  • Playable Character: Aranea
  • Playable Character: Iris
  • Playable Character: Lunafreya
  • Playable Character: Gentiana
  • Additional Mode: Hard Difficulty
  • Upgrade: Improved Armiger Abilities
  • Upgrade: New stat-changing magic

For us, it’s something of a toss-up between three of the Story Content additions: Ardyn, Lunafreya and the World of Ruin. In our review of the game, we noted wanting to see more development of these two major characters, as the absence of details about them detracted from our overall enjoyment of the game.

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However, we ultimately chose the World of Ruin option. After the long buildup, the end-game section of the game felt hasty and rushed, and we really wanted to explore the environments outside of Hammerhead and Insomnia after the time skip. We’d also be excited to catch up with some familiar faces after Noctis’ return, including spending some more time with the older, wiser chocobros and getting to meet Demon Hunter Iris. But really, any of the story content additions could add a lot to some of the narrative shortcomings of the game and would make us super excited to jump back into the FFXV world. That said, we’d hope for a bit more robust story content than we saw in the first DLC expansion, Episode Gladiolus.

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Below, you’ll find the full list of patch notes for FFXV update 1.10. Note it’s a rather hefty patch, though it’s not entirely clear why. Xbox One users will need 5.8 GB of space, while PS4 users must have 3.6 GB available to download it.

stinky tofu
The new Stinky Tofu dish introduced with 'FFXV' update 1.10. Photo: Square Enix
  • Implementation of a survey regarding future updates (available until end of June 2017)
  • Addition of a [new “Stinky Tofu” recipe based on a survey conducted with players from Taiwan]
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from second photo contest (viewable at Takka’s Pit Stop in Hammerhead)
  • Resolution of an issue that caused the game to crash when accessing Timed Quest leaderboards
  • Various bug fixes

Which new additions would you like to see in future updates to FFXV? Did you have trouble deciding? Anything you’d hoped for that isn’t on the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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