'Final Fantasy XV' PC Will Be 'Far Superior,' Not A Simple Port

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altissia final fantasy XV
The city of Altissia. (c) Square Enix

According to director Hajime Tabata, if Final Fantasy XV makes it to PC, it won’t be a simple port. In an interview with French gaming site JeuxVideo (translated by Nova Crystallis), Tabata said:

“I’m quite positive about the idea of ​​developing a PC version, but I would like to make a very different project if possible. The reason I’m interested is that a PC version would propel the game to another technical level. I have in mind a version of Final Fantasy XV that is more technically developed. This version could incorporate things that we were forced to abandon because of the limitations of home consoles. With the PC, this would be an opportunity to release a version far superior in terms of quality and tech. That said, if we choose to develop this project, the development will start from scratch by doing research of what would be the best technology to use. It might not be a simple port of the console version.”

As far as Final Fantasy XV’s framerate, which has also caused a bit of concern among Final Fantasy fans, Tabata said that optimization is in progress. However, the team is prioritizing the game’s feeling over its performance, at least when it comes to what’s revealed to the public.

“We are currently in a process of optimization and it is impossible to evaluate precisely how much time it will take. This is not something that you can tell in advance because you have to work on it until the very end of development. We must therefore strike a balance between what you show on the screen and at the same time consider what remains to optimize behind,” Tabata said.

“For Final Fantasy XV, we completed what should be [rendered] on screen, so we can now use our time to optimize the rest and ensure that the framerate is better. We’re currently working on it. We also want to be sure that the balance is done and there is no disjunction between the spirit of the game and the real experience of the player. This is why we strive to highlight the game’s feeling and not performance.”

Finally, additional information about Final Fantasy XV’s DLC plans will be forthcoming this summer .

Final Fantasy XV releases simultaneously worldwide on Sept. 30. Did you order the Ultimate Collector’s Edition? Are you hopeful for a Final Fantasy XV PC release in a timely fashion, or are you willing to wait? Let us know in the comments section below.


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