'Final Fantasy XV': Tabata Says No to Loading Screens, Yes To New Game Plus

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Final Fantasy XV extended Dawn trailer
Stella - uh, Stellaluna - uh, just Luna - from the Final Fantasy XV extended "Dawn" trailer. (c) Square-Enix

In a Playstation Access Q&A, director Hajime Tabata revealed a few more details about Final Fantasy XV that didn’t make it in to the big release date event . Among the revelations were these two welcome tidbits of news: Final Fantasy XV will have new game plus mode and will not have loading screens.

It’s hard to say which of these is a more important piece of news. Final Fantasy XV has long promised a huge expansive world, and we saw in the trailer that Noctis’s fancy car actually has flight capabilities. This means gamers won’t be saddled with cumbersome load times or gated portions of the world, and should be able to traverse whatever their eyes can see.

Other bits of Final Fantasy XV news include the reveal that Moogles are in the game, Tonberries are not, and that various weapons will enable you to stack status effects on your hapless foes. Still under a wall of silence: how many summons there are, the identity of the dark-haired woman with the helmet in the Kingsglaive trailer, and whether that 10 million unit sales number that’s been tossed around actually refers to a lifetime sales goal to consider Final Fantasy XV a success.

Watch the video below for more of Tabata’s Q&A session:

In recent news, Final Fantasy XV’s final demo, the Platinum Demo , is available now to download for free. When fully completed, you’ll have a Carbuncle summon available for you to name in Final Fantasy XV. Also, check out our impressions of Final Fantasy Brotherhood episode 1 here .

Final Fantasy XV will be available for Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 30. (And maybe one day, PC too .) Did all the extra goodies get you hype ? Feel free to let us know in our comments section below.


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