Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Download Time: When Is DLC Available To Play?

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for the love of god cover your eyes man
for the love of god cover your eyes man Square Enix

Are you pumped for 2017’s last Final Fantasy XV story DLC? So are we. “Episode Ignis” is scheduled for release on Dec. 13, but you definitely want to make sure you know when it will be available for play in case those pesky spoilers find you before you get to experience the expansion yourself.

“Episode Ignis” is currently available in Australia and New Zealand on the PS4. It is 4.62 GB of recipe-laden size. You can also check out this region-free link for “Episode Ignis” on Xbox One.

In most regions, “Episode Ignis” will release at midnight or a few hours after on Dec. 13.

Players in North and South America can expect “Episode Ignis” to be available at 4 a.m. EST on Dec. 13. Otherwise, it will be available around 11 a.m. EST.

Please note that “Episode Ignis” is part of this year’s season pass and cannot be purchased on its own. The season pass is $24.99 and includes a Booster Pack, "Episode Gladiolus,” the Multiplayer Expansion, the Holiday Pack and “Episode Prompto” as well.

Objectively, it’s a value-packed season pass filled with both story and non-story DLC content and is well worth the money. The other items (with the exclusion of the Booster and Holiday Pack) are available as stand-alone items ranging from $4.99 for story DLC, to $19.99 for just the multiplayer expansion. It stands to reason that once “Episode Ignis” is out, it will be $4.99 like its Chocobrethren as well.

“Episode Ignis” is the final story DLC after “Episode Gladio” and “ Episode Prompto.” It tracks Ignis’ whereabouts after Noctis falls unconscious at the end of the Trial of Leviathan. “Ignis faces his own fight on the streets of Altissia, driven by his unwavering dedication to protect Noctis at all costs,” states the Square Enix press release.

Ravus will also be available as a companion during “Episode Ignis,” similar to Cor during “Episode Gladiolus” and Aranea in “Episode Prompto.” Hoping to rescue his sister Lunafreya, Ravus teams up with Ignis, despite his role as high commander of the Niflheim Empire. Ravus is something of a question mark throughout the game, despite his epic character design, sexy voice acting and important role in the Empire. We certainly look forward to seeing more of Ravus in action during “Episode Ignis.”

Unlike “Episode Gladio” and “Episode Prompto,” “Episode Ignis” features multiple endings. “[W]e came to the conclusion that the content of Episode Ignis is going to affect the storyline of the game and it has much impact on what happened in the Final Fantasy 15 story, so we want to create a really solid game for Episode Ignis, which is why we sort of left the best for last,” said game director Hajime Tabata.

As far as combat, Ignis will use spelldaggers that are “imbued with elemental properties” as well as the unique ability “Total Clarity” that allows him to target and attack multiple enemies at once.

No word yet on his discovery of new recipehhhs.

Are you psyched for “Episode Ignis”? How do you think it will compare to the previous story DLC? Are you still lighting up the city in the “Comrades” multiplayer expansion? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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