Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Footage Teased At TGS 2017

FFXV spoilers below! If you haven’t finished the game, move along.
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Episode Ignis
for the love of god cover your eyes man Square Enix

Square Enix revealed a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show this week focusing on past and future additions to the Final Fantasy XV Universe. It included a brief but enticing glimpse of the next DLC chapter, Episode Ignis. The latest FFXV news comes on the heels of yesterday’s reveal that the game’s long-awaited multiplayer expansion, Comrades, will hit consoles Oct. 31.

The new trailer confirms a few things we already knew about Episode Ignis; it takes place during the time when Ignis leaves the party in Altissia in Chapter 9 (i.e., right as the shit really hits the fan for Noctis and company). The new footage finds Insomnia’s dreamiest chef facing off against loads of imperial goons. But more surprising is who’s at his side in combat:

Ignis and Ravus snip
Ignis faces off against the Niffs with an unexpected ally. Photo: Square Enix

Yep, that’s Ravus. Luna’s douchey brother and a card-carrying member of the Noctis Haters Club. We find out later in the game that the Empire branded him a traitor, but his storyline mostly fizzles to a close off-screen, culminating in a highly random-ass boss fight in Gralea. It looks like Episode Ignis will finally reveal how all that treason business went down. (These plot elements probably should have been part of FFXV on day one, but it’s still nice to see them included, even more than a year after the game’s initial release.)

The TGS 2017 trailer also confirms the base game will see another free update with expanded story content (release date TBD). Back in May, Square Enix inserted a temporary in-game survey into FFXV, asking fans what kinds of future content they wanted to see. The trailer gives us a sense of what players voted for in that survey, as the new story content seems to focus on Luna and Gentiana in Tenebrae.

gentiana luna ffxv new story
A glimpse of the new story content coming to Final Fantasy XV. Photo: Square Enix

The trailer also suggests the plot expansion will explore the death of Shiva, the Glacian, in greater detail. (We’re not sure who voted for this stuff in the survey instead of the World of Ruin expansion with Best Girl Demon Slayer Iris, but okay.)

FFXV shiva
Shiva in the TGS 2017 FFXV Universe trailer. Photo: Square Enix

You can check out the FFXV Universe Tokyo Game Show trailer below. (Episode Ignis content starts at just after the one-minute mark, and the Free Update stuff begins around 2:10.)

Episode Ignis comes out in December (SE hasn’t provided a more specific date, yet) and there’s not a firm release set for the free story content update. Episode Ignis will be available for purchase as a standalone for $4.99, or as part of the $24.99 Season Pass.

What are you expecting to see from Episode Ignis? Which parts of the FFXV storyline are you eager to see fleshed out in greater depth and detail? Feel free to talk all things Chocobro in the comments below!

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