Final Fantasy XIV Paid Subscribers At 'Record High'

Music Boxes, Charms And Official Cafe Revealed On Instagram
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final fantasy xiv eorzea cafe
The Eorzea Cafe is celebrating its third anniversary! (c) Square Enix

In Square Enix’s quarterly earnings report, company president Yosuke Matsuda announced a few details about Final Fantasy XIV’s recent Stormblood expansion and subscriber sales.

“Sales of the expansion pack have been brisk, and our paying subscriber numbers are at a record high. We expect the expansion pack to make a sustained earnings contribution going forward,” said Matsuda.

Square Enix had previously announced a 10 million user milestone , but that figure included both paying subscribers and trial accounts. Paying subscribers at a “record high” is not an exact figure but does let us know that Final Fantasy XIV is performing at a high level.

In fact, Final Fantasy XIV overperformed by a significant amount. “The most significant overshoot was in the MMO sub‐segment, where sales grew by several billion yen. The overshoot owed to our conservative estimate of the boost that the expansion pack would give to sales,” said Matsuda.

In addition, Final Fantasy XIV was specifically noted for its contributions in growing the sales and income of multiple Square Enix business streams.

“The MMO sub‐segment saw both sales and income rise on the back of the release of Final Fantasy XIV expansion packs and growth in the paying subscriber base,” said Kazuharu Watanabe, Chief Financial Officer at Square Enix.

“Sales and income also rose at the Merchandising segment, driven by brisk sales of character merchandise, including the figures included with Final Fantasy XIV expansion packs,” Watanabe adds.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion was only available for 10 days of the fiscal period, but it was responsible for almost 25 percent of digital entertainment revenues for the quarter.

Final Fantasy XIV’s instagram also shared a few treats, including Naoki Yoshida’s celebratory 10M player milestone thumbs-up:

Some metal charms based off various Final Fantasy XIV minions, scheduled for a debut at the Tokyo Game Show this year:

A pair of music boxes, one of which plays “Torn from the Heavens” and the other of which plays “Night in the Brume.” These will be available for purchase at the Live Orchestra Concert at the Tokyo International Forum on Sept. 23 and 24:

Finally, the Eorzea Cafe had its third anniversary. To celebrate, the cafe will have special menu items based off Wondrous Tails. For a limited time, "Eorzea Cafe in Yokohama" has opened with a Limsa Lominsa menu, lasting until the end of August.

Are you enjoying Eorzea’s summer festival? Need any help during the Moonfire Faire? Feel free to chat about Eorzea, Final Fantasy XIV and summer festival fun in our comments section below.  

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