The Final Fantasy XI Online November Update is Here

Check out what's happening this November.
Check out what's happening this November. Square Enix

The November update for Final Fantasy XI Online is finally here. This update introduces new content like the newest chapter of The Voracious Resurgence storyline. There’s also new battle content for a special in-game event called A Challenge from Lion!

Check out some of the new content you can try out in this update:

  • The Voracious Resurgence
    • In Chapter 10, Part 1, the beastmen find themselves trapped without a method to resist.
    • Now is the right time for heroes to gather at Movalpolos.
  • New Foes in Ambuscade
    • This month’s Ambuscade battle update features the iron giant and mantis fiends.
  • ​A Challenge from Lion!
    • Players can try to overcome the trials posed by Lion and her allies to receive special rewards.
    • Players can get new rewards, including a sheet of character selection tunes key item which enable their orchestrion to play music found on the race selection screen as part of the character creation process.
  • November Login Campaign
    • November 10 to December 2
    • Players can receive points and exchange them for in-game items, including an all-new ♪Ixion mount.

Here are the other changes in this update:

  • Content and System-related
    • Sortie
      • Add new notorious monsters
    • Trusts
      • Remove Cornelia and add Matsui-P
    • Titles
      • Add new titles
  • Battle-related
    • Master Levels
      • Increase master level cap.
    • Areas
      • Change monster spawn locations in certain areas.
      • Remove level difference penalty from certain areas.
  • Item-related
    • Prime Weapons
      • Add new items for upgrading to next stage
    • Synthesis
      • Add new synthesis recipes
    • Items
      • Add new items
    • Porter Moogle
      • Add new storage slip
      • Add to list of supported items


There are also other ways to enjoy the game like the WE ARE VANA’DIEL special site. This site highlights different game aspects and its history across the years. It’s been updated with new content so players can peek into the world of the development of Final Fantasy XI Online. Check out what’s new here.

In addition, players can also see the gallery that features artwork from Final Fantasy XI throughout its history. This one has been updated with new illustrations for fans to enjoy.

Final Fantasy XI Online is available on PC.

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