Final Fantasy XIV: Fan Festivals Coming to US, UK, and Japan

Good news for fans!
Good news for fans! Square Enix

The year is almost over but for fans of Final Fantasy XIV, there’s a lot to look forward to in the next two years. That’s because Square Enix has confirmed that it’s hosting the Fan Festivals 2023-2024.

It’s set to take place in these cities:

  • North America
    • Las Vegas, Nevada – Las Vegas Convention Center
    • July 28 to July 29, 2023
  • Europe
    • London, United Kingdom – The ExCel Centre
    • October 21 to October 22, 2023
  • Japan
    • Venue TBD
    • Early 2024

More information on the festivals, including details on ticket sales, will be announced at a later date. You can learn more about it here.

Patch 6.25

This news was revealed during the 73rd Letter from the Producer LIVE stream. In addition, Final Fantasy XIV Online Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida also gave an overview on the in-game content arriving courtesy of Patch 6.25:

  • New Side Story Quests
    • Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures continue in Patch 6.25.
  • ​New Weapon Enhancement Quests
    • Players can obtain and enhance Manderville Weapons throughout the Patch 6.x series.
    • This starts with the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures questline.
  • New Tribal Quests: Omicron
    • New daily quests for Disciples of the Land.
  • ​New “Variant Dungeons” Battle Content
    • Players can enjoy new variable-difficulty dungeons - beginning with the Sil'dihn Subterrane - designed for 1-4 players, with the difficulty of enemies scaling depending on party size.
    • Players can explore dungeons with Nanamo, featuring branching routes, which can change depending on player actions within the dungeon.
    • Folios can also be obtained from each route, which can be pieced together to deduce secrets and complete the entire story.
  • Criterion Dungeons
    • High-difficulty four-player content featuring a visually similar area to the Variant Dungeons, but with a set route.
    • Criterion dungeons feature two options of difficulties, each with their own unique set of rules and characteristics.

Patch 6.25 is coming out October 18.

More Good News

Players can now expect the upcoming expansion of the North American data center on November 1. This addition serves to reduce the congestion further, especially during peak periods. The new logical data center is named “Dynamis” and is going to initially consist of four new Worlds with plans to expand further in the future.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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