Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster: Update 1.05 Implements Lots of Battle Improvements and Bug Fixes

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster
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The highly successful remastered version of Final Fantasy VI got a new patch that implements plenty of battle improvements and bug fixes. Be sure to download Update 1.05 so that you can enjoy Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster the way it should be.

The main focus of Update 1.05 is to make sure that things in Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster are working as intended. Having said that, let’s focus first on some major battle adjustments.

First, Relm’s Sketch ability no longer consumes MP when using enemy abilities. Second, an Esper that has been canceled during summoning can now be used immediately, rather than counting that the Esper has already been summoned. And third, an item is not consumed if the action of using it has been canceled just before use.

For bug fixes, battles that would sometimes not progress under specific circumstances have been fixed. Furthermore, the issue where Reraise, an important spell that automatically brings an affected character back to life when they’re knocked out, would not trigger under specific circumstances has been resolved.

Patch Notes

  • Changed it so that when a specific status effect is applied to a character from using “Rage,” the effect is not applied if that character is wearing equipment that prevents the effect in question
  • Changed the default position of the cursor when selecting an item to throw with the “Throw” ability to the top of the entire items list
  • Changed it so that the spell “Quick” and Terra’s “Trance” and “Revert” abilities cannot be used while affected by confusion
  • Changed it so that a character can attack the opposing side when affected by both confusion and Entice simultaneously
  • Changed it so that all allied characters are treated as being in the front rank when “surrounded” in battle
  • Some enemies would act unnaturally under specific circumstances
  • Characters would sometimes act unnaturally when using auto-battle under specific circumstances
  • Sometimes other allies and enemies would cease to act when “Rage” was used by a character affected by “Quick”
  • Under specific circumstances, a character would sometimes stay airborne and not come down when using “Quetzalli”
  • Sometimes the ATB gauge would not be used up properly if the player tried to escape from battle during consecutive
  • attacks
  • Sometimes players would receive more dropped items, gil, and experience points when killing an enemy with the instant death effects from weapons
  • Sometimes enemies would also stop moving if all allied characters had been incapacitated

The full patch notes can be found here.

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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