Final Fantasy 16 Announced As PlayStation 5 Exclusive

Final Fantasy XVI
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If you watched today's PlayStation 5 showcase, you may already know that the event was an absolute blast. The event kicked off with a glorious announcement trailer for Final Fantasy XVI. The trailer also confirmed that the game will be a timed console exclusive, and it will also be launching on PC.

The announcement trailer showcased some cinematic footage and in-engine gameplay. Just like Final Fantasy XV, the sequel also seems to be focused on a royal family. The trailer also included some combat scenarios, handsome heroes, and big swords. Final Fantasy XVI's creative producer is the same guy who saved Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida. The game is being directed by Hiroshi Takai, who previously worked on The Last Remnant.

The trailer showcased today was not actually captured on a PS5 console, but instead emulated on PC using PS Experience. Even though Final Fantasy XVI's graphics look quite impressive, they aren't a big leap forward from Final Fantasy XV. Nontheless, since the game has been finally revealed, fans should expect Square Enix to share more details on what the game entails soon enough.

It also seems that Final Fantasy VXI is moving away from turn-based combat to more real-time combat action. Moreover, fans should also like the medieval theme instead of the sci-fi theme as seen in Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIII. It also seems that this time around, the game will be focused on a single character instead of a party of heroes.

Even though many of the games shown at the PS5 event will be coming to other consoles, Final Fantasy XVI will be a timed PlayStation exclusive. Square Enix also confirmed that the game will be coming to PC. Depending on when Final Fantasy XVI ultimately releases, there is also a chance that the game will launch on PS4.

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