'Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus' DLC: Tips And Strategies For Gilgamesh's Trial

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final fantasy 15 episode gladiolus
Final Fantasy 15's Episode Gladio DLC. (c) Square Enix

Having a little trouble with Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus? Playing as Gladio instead of the nimble Noctis can take a bit of getting used to. We’ve put together a few quick pointers to help you make your way through Gilgamesh’s trial.

Since The Tempering Grounds is a rather linear, straightforward dungeon, you probably won’t have much difficulty getting to the end of it. Instead, we’ve put together some more general (spoiler free) suggestions and pointers to make getting through Gilgamesh’s trial that much easier.

  • Unlike playing as Noctis, your health won’t automatically regenerate after taking damage.
  • If Gladio’s HP falls to zero, you’ll have to use a Phoenix Down. There’s no Danger status when playing as Gladio, so there won’t be a window where you can use a Potion or another (less precious) restorative. If you’re playing on Normal difficulty, you might find yourself running low on healing items by the time you take on Gilgamesh.
  • If there’s a pillar, use it. Yes, it will make Gladio move more slowly. But your attacks will be far more powerful and it will absorb some of the damage you’d otherwise take from nearby enemies.
  • The only good piece of equipment in the DLC comes from defeating Gilgamesh himself. There’s no hidden armor or accessories in the dungeon; all the treasures in the cave are restorative items.
  • Episode Gladio has two optional trophies: one for finding every item, and another for grabbing every column. There are points in The Tempering Grounds where you can’t backtrack, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you’re a completionist.
  • When Cor’s around, take advantage of it. Keep yourself in position for Blindsides and Link Strikes when possible; don’t just ditch him and do your own thing.
  • Be ready to block at all times. You can’t just hold block forever like playing as Noct. After a certain amount of time (indicated the blue bar under Gladio’s HP), you’ll lose focus and your guard will fall. Blocking will rage Gladdy’s rage levels, which ups the damage he puts out from regular attacks.
  • Be sure to stop at every campsite at least once. You’ll get some otherwise missable dialogue between Gladio and Cor.
  • Don’t be afraid to backtrack to a previous campsite. There are a total of three in The Tempering Grounds. Hordes of baddies don’t regenerate, and making the most of campsites is a good way to save on healing items.
  • Beating Gilgamesh will open up Score Attack Mode, and if you get a score of 500K or more, you can unlock Gladio’s hunky Rugged Attire outfit.

What do you think of Episode Gladiolus? Do you prefer fighting as Noctis or do you like the change of pace that comes with Gladio’s combat style? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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