Final Fantasy 14 Patch 4.2 Updates PvP, Adds Undersea Travel & More

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final fantasy 14 pvp patch 4.2 rise of a new sun
Final Fantasy 14's upcoming Crystal Tower Training Grounds. (c) Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.2, Rise of a New Sun, is almost upon us. The Stormblood expansion’s second major post-release update, which has its own web site, continues the main scenario with a trip back to Othard, a trial against Byakko of the Four Lords and more.

Square Enix recently shared additional updates to Final Fantasy 14: Rise of a New Sun’s existing content, such as new Ananta beast tribe quests, a new map for PvP mode The Feast, a Glamour Dresser that lets you store and assemble your favorite outfits, and even undersea voyages. Here are some of the notes (via the game’s official site):


New Map

  • Crystal Tower Training Grounds

New Team System

  • Form a PvP team of up to six players, utilize the specialized group chat function, and choose an insignia to represent the party. Compete against other teams in brand-new ranked matches.

New Rules

  • Battles have been made shorter and more dynamic, and feature the new “Light Medal” effect that reduces damage taken as the number of medals held by a player drops. Adjustments have also been made to the UI, making it easier to see the number of medals held and status effects.

Beast Tribe Quests

  • The Vira, one of the tribes of snake-like Ananta, have long supported the efforts of the Resistance by sending warriors to bolster their ranks. One such battlemaid is Alpa, the broodmother’s daughter, who makes up for her lack of prowess in combat with her courage and ingenuity. She dreams of making a grand contribution to the Resistance, but many bizarre and perilous trials must be overcome before her plans can come to fruition.

Glamour Dresser

  • Inn rooms in each of the city-states and Kugane contain glamour dressers, which allow the conversion of clothing, weapons, and tools into glamours. Glamours held within the glamour dresser can be displayed simultaneously and applied as full ensembles, making it easier to choose the perfect outfit.

Subaquatic Voyages

  • Construct a submersible in your company workshop and hunt for hidden treasures in the depths of the ocean. Who knows what mysteries await?

This is not the full feature list for Rise of a New Sun, just some newly updated details, so expect more news soon. We’re still waiting on information about Omega: Sigmascape, Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos, Still Further Hildibrand Adventures and of course, an official 4.2 trailer.

Patch 4.2 releases sometime later this month. There’s only a few days left to grab the doggo samurai helmets from Final Fantasy 14 ’s traditional New Years’ event, Heavensturn, as well.

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