Final Fantasy 14 Online Offers A Valentine's Treat

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Celebrate Valentine's Day.
Celebrate Valentine's Day. Square Enix

It's time to celebrate Valentine's Day and Final Fantasy 14 Online is introducing a new seasonal event to get in the holiday spirit. For this week, players have a chance to help House Valentione, particularly in with matters of the heart. Astrid, Rodrigault, and Bert are competing in this year's Valentione’s Day festival to see who will become Hydaelyn’s emissary. Each of them believes that they are the best one to offer advice and insight.

The question is who gets the role? Well, it's up to the players.

From February 5 to February 9, players get to cast their votes on who should get the position. It's not just about choosing the winner, since players get special rewards based on the character they pick. The results are going to be announced, after which players get to enjoy the event until February 17. This means players can still start the quest and earn rewards even if the voting has been completed.

You can learn more about this event here.

Who do you choose?
Who do you choose? Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 Online revealed that the Valentine's Day event is just one of the many seasonal events coming to the game this year. For instance, a few weeks back, the game launched Heavensturn, which celebrated the New Year and offered players a new quest, new gear, and even some fun surprises. There's also the Moogle Treasure Trove - The Hunt for Soldiery event, which is now live. The event features tasks that players can complete to get rewards, including some items that are unique to the event.

That said, players can always visit Hydaelyn on a regular basis as there's always some new things to see and do.

For those who have yet to try these different events, or even the game itself, now is the best time to join. Final Fantasy 14 Online was developed to be a MMORPG that is easily accessible and the quality of life improvements it has undergone since launch make it even easier to get started. Here are the different options available:

  • Final Fantasy 14 Online Complete Edition
  • This is the one to get for those who want to get the full experience. It has the original game and all the expansion packs. This version also has Shadowbringers, the most recent expansion.
  • Final Fantasy 14 Online Starter Edition
  • For newcomers, this edition is perfect. It has the original A Realm Reborn experience, along with all the content updates. It allows players to play all the way up to level 50.
  • Final Fantasy 14 Online Free Trial
  • Those unsure if they want to buy the game can try this cost-free version. Players can go through a part of A Realm Reborn’s story and even leval all classes and jobs. However it's going to be limited to a maximum of level 35. This is truly a good way to get a feel of the game before spending any money.
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