FIFA 23 Title Update 1.07 Live on All Platforms; Trophies Display Corrected

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FIFA 23 latest title update is now available on all platforms. TU 1.07 brings minor tweaks to gameplay along with a plethora of bug fixes and improvements.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, the Milestones section of the Objectives screen now displays trophies accurately. The shot comparison graphic wouldn’t show placeholder maps in a match anymore.

The ball trajectory height of Driven Lobbed Through Passes is lowered, and the goalkeeper will now react to Ground Passes. The goalkeeper Attribute in Career Mode is now displayed correctly on the Player Growth screen, while the stability issue in Volta Arcade has been addressed.

You can read about the rest of the changes below.

Made the following changes:
  • Decreased the accuracy of Driven Lobbed Through Passes aimed away from where the passer is facing.
Addressed the following issues:
  • In some cases, the ball carrier could unintentionally run over the ball when attempting to dribble with it.
  • Sometimes a touch during a dribble could knock the ball further from the ball carrier than intended.
  • In some cases, appropriately powered Through Passes could incorrectly cause the ball to be hit out of play.
  • When requesting an Outside Of The Foot Shot in some specific situations, a Flair Shot could have occurred instead.
  • When requesting a Flair Pass while locked to one player, the CPU AI would not attempt to perform a Flair Pass.
  • The assistant referee starting position was not always correct at the start of a Playable Highlight.
  • In some cases, the goalkeeper could have incorrectly been allowed to pick up the ball with their hands after a player-controlled teammate cleared the ball towards them.
  • Improved referee logic when determining foul calls in situations where a player makes contact with the goalkeeper.
  • During Set Piece Skill Games, the camera would not always correctly orient itself behind the kick taker.
FIFA World Cup
Addressed the following issue:
  • In Online Tournaments, the Knockout Stage UI could have incorrectly highlighted both participating teams’ paths with the same color.
  • In the Online Tournament final, some post-match scenes did not play.
  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur when restarting Featured Quickplay matches.
General, Audio, and Visual
Made the following change:
  • Updated some badges, pre and post-match scenes, crowds, stadiums, kits, balls, headwear, facial hair, commentary lines, UI elements, menu text, and ad boards.
Addressed the following issues:
  • An incorrect background could have displayed when switching between the main menu and Training Center.
  • Updated instances of incorrect text.
  • Some videos did not play correctly in the main menu.
  • In some cases, when selecting a language, the on-screen flag could display incorrectly.
  • [PC Only] EA Social text input did not always function correctly when using the numpad.
  • Addressed instances of various stability issues.

The complete patch notes can be read via the game’s official Trello board.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing FIFA 23 recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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