FIFA 22: Title Update 4 Resolves Pitch Line Color Issue and More

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A new update is now available for FIFA 22. Title Update 4 resolves a major issue regarding pitch line colors in FIFA Ultimate Team. This update also brings a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

The FIFA Ultimate Team mode allows you to build and manage your own football club. That said, some people you can play with online would deliberately use specific colors that are hard to see.

In some cases, because the pitch lines are almost invisible, you might be in a situation where you run the ball out because you do not know where the lines are.

Fortunately, this issue has been addressed. During away matches, you will now see the pitch color you’ve set (the same one you use on your home Stadium) instead of the opponent’s. So, even if your opponent intentionally uses hard-to-see pitch line colors, you should no longer be affected.

In addition, the Stadium and Transfer Market search filters are updated to have a similar look and function as the Transfer Market Player Quality search filter.

Title Update 4 Highlights

Addressed the following issues:
  • In some cases, Team Management options could not have been adjusted during a Division Rivals match
  • Some SBCs UI elements did not display correctly
  • The match UI did not display an image for some Player Items when displaying the Players To Watch overlay
  • Driven Passes are now more likely to be intercepted by players standing in the ball’s travel path
  • When defending a cross with the Auto Switching setting set to Automatic, On Air Balls and Loose Balls, or Only Air Balls, an automatic player switch will occur slightly faster than before
  • Reduced shooting assistance when attempting a shot in situations where the goalkeeper is positioned closely to either one of their posts
Addressed the following issues:
  • Goalkeepers were sometimes unable to make saves when shots were aimed close to them, between their knees and head
  • Sometimes, a goalkeeper could commit a foul without a referee awarding a set piece to the other team
  • When activating Player Lock, a Player Switch could not be requested until the player let go of the right stick input and then made a Player Switch request
  • During matches, the Skill Meter now displays which actions contributed towards its build-up.
  • Added 2 new Stadiums
  • Added 4 Party Games to VOLTA ARCADE

FIFA 22 Title Update 4 is currently only available on PC. It may be implemented on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch in the future.

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