FIFA 20 Guide: Customize Your Gameplay With These New Controller Settings

Learn more about Controller Settings.
Learn more about Controller Settings. Electronic Arts

FIFA 20 is set to be released tomorrow. With one more day left, it's time to learn more about the game. In particular, we look at the controller settings that allow you to customize your gameplay experience.

In order to get to these options, you first need to go to the FIFA 20 Main Menu and go to the Customize tab. You then need to select Settings and proceed to Customize Controls. Here you'll find the usual settings along with new ones. Today we look at the new settings that can be customized to meet your preference.

Pass Receiver Lock

There are two ways to set up the Pass Receiver Lock, Early and Late.

Under Early, the option locks the directional input early in the passing animation. What this means is that you can no longer change where you are aiming your pass in the last few moments before making contact with the ball. With this option activated, you no longer need to worry too much about accidentally changing pass direction. However, it means you need to be more precise with your passing.

The Late option, meanwhile, gives you time to change your passing directional input as close as possible to the ball being kicked. Unlike Early, the Late option allows you to change where you are aiming your pass until very late in a passing animation. This means you have more control of the passing direction for a longer period, but requires you to be careful when it comes to accidentally changing your aim at the last moment.

Overall, for those who have experience playing FIFA games, Late could be an option that they are more comfortable playing with.

Right Stick Switching

Like the previous setting, this one has two options as well which is Player Relative and Ball Relative.

What Player Relative refers to is that whoever it is you are controlling serves as the reference point for your next switch when you use the right stick. Consider the currently selected player as the center of the right stick, so any direction is going to be in relation to that player. If you didn't make any changes, this one serves as the default.

Ball Relative meanwhile means that instead of the player, it is the ball that serves as the reference. Imagine the ball as the right stick's central point and all directions are going to be relative to the ball.

Jockey Assistance

Two options are allowed as well for this setting, which are Assisted and Manual.

The game has Assisted as the default. This setting means that when you Jockey with a player, they are going to try to decelerate once you are about to run past the attacker. This assist lets you stick closer to the player that you are trying to mark.

You can also choose Manual. This option means that you no longer have any help when it comes to changing the speed of your player. So it is all up to you to control the speed as you see fit.

Pass Block Assistance

We also take a quick look at this setting. While this is already available in previous titles, this has been updated with FIFA 20. The two options are simply On and Off.

When Pass Block Assistance is set to On, this means that controlled players are going to sometimes try to automatically block or intercept passes within their range. In addition, depending on the situation, AI-controlled teammates are also going to attempt to block or intercept. This setting has a certain risk versus reward element to it since it results in a larger number of automatic block attempts. However it can also result in a greater number of missed interceptions or blocks. This means it can cause some rather unwanted defensive situations.

When you go with Off, the user controlled player has to manually perform a block or tackle when attempting a block. Like with the other option, AI-controlled players continue to attempt blocks and interceptions. Turning Pass Block Assistance off is more challenging, but lets you have more control when it comes to blocking attempts. The Off option gives you more control on what your controlled player does when on defense.

With these new Controller Settings, you get the chance to play differently. Have fun and enjoy playing FIFA 20.

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