FIFA 18 Adds Germany's 3. Liga To Already Stacked Roster

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German's 3. Liga is the latest edition to FIFA 18's league roster.
German's 3. Liga is the latest edition to FIFA 18's league roster. EA Sports

One of the advantages of EA Sports’ FIFA franchise is they have the resources to bring on new leagues and teams. Earlier this year, rumors claimed the Chinese Super League would be the latest league to make an appearance in FIFA 18. It was announced that EA will be adding yet another team to the soccer title.

Germany’s 3. Liga will be joining the roster of leagues in FIFA 18. While the German Bundesliga, with teams like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, gets all the attention, 3. Liga is the third level of German football. It features teams like SpVgg Unterhaching and Karlsruher SC. It’s not your household teams, but teams that add even more depth to an already deep game.

With the addition of 3. Liga, FIFA 18 grab virtually every league possible to add to the game. The addition puts Konami in a spot where they must attempt to keep up with EA Sports, despite its limited resources for PES. Still, Konami is doing its best by having exclusive relationships with teams like Liverpool FC and FC Barcelona.

This new addition also raises another question for the FIFA franchise – just how much is too much? Having almost every known team in the soccer universe is great, but how many of these teams are players actually using? Using English football as an example, FIFA features every league in England, although its biggest use comes from the Premier League. Is it necessary to have all the leagues and teams?

The addition of the league will most likely be reflected in Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 18. The players from the league will likely be featured in silver and bronze cards in the game, with an occasional gold card from a player in the league.

What are your thoughts about the additions of the German 3. Liga to FIFA 18? Let us know in our comment section.

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