‘FIFA 18’ Rumors: Chinese Super League May Be New Addition To Next Installment Of Soccer Title

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Alex Teixeira's Instagram
Alex Teixeira's Instagram insinuated that Chinese Super League teams will be in FIFA 18. Instagram

The FIFA franchise has always been known to have a large number of teams and leagues to choose from in its games. Unlike Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, EA Sports has hundreds of teams in their games and that list has continued to grow over the years: FIFA 17 features 650 teams and 30 leagues. Now, a new rumor claims EA Sports are in talks to add more teams and a new league to the mix.

According to the Instagram of current soccer player Alex Teixeira, EA Sports will be acquiring the rights to the Chinese Super League in FIFA 18. This rumor needs to be taken with a grain of salt however...Teixeira currently plays for the Jiangsu Suning of the Chinese Super League. The caption of the picture includes “Official presentation for FIFA 18, New shirt for the 2017 season.” The picture in question is below.

Alex Teixeira's Instagram
Alex Teixeira's Instagram insinuated that Chinese Super League teams will be in FIFA 18. Photo: Instagram

The Chinese Super League has been around since 2004, but was recently in the news as they looked to make a splash in global soccer. The league was always considered soccer Siberia for players and the CSL was never able to get big-name players. As of late, the CSL has been in the market for some of the best talent in the world by paying whatever it takes to get it. The problem is that many signed stars in the league are still handicapped by subpar players around them.

Users on the FIFA Reddit page commented on the rumored move and sentiment was unanimous at how lowly rated some players teams may be in FIFA 18. Here are a couple of thoughts from Reddit.

“Gonna be so weird. It will be like loads of 55-64 rated players with random 82s and 83s mixed in.”

“There's no way their top players are gonna be 82-83 rated, they will have their ratings deducted for not being in a "top league"

There has been no word from EA Sports as to whether they are seriously looking at putting the Chinese Super League in the game, but you know there has to have been conversation. A league like the CSL is a league that, while signing players like Carlos Tevez, Oscar and Hulk increases visibility, many FIFA players will not play. Besides those three players mentioned above, Ultimate Team cards become useless with anyone else.

It’s a good idea to expand, but the Chinese Super League is not yet ready for EA Sports. What are thoughts about the Chinese Super League possibly being included in FIFA 18? Let us know in comments section.

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