Fictorum Update v2.1.11 Bug Fixes, Minor Improvements, and More

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Fictorum developer, Scraping Bottom Games, recently released a new update that fixed bugs and made some changes to improve gameplay.

One of the biggest issues was players getting stuck randomly in the ground after using the Blink Strike to damage opponents has been fixed, followed by improving the visual effects of the ability. The developers have also made it easier for players with controllers to navigate the world map.

Fictorum Update v2.1.11

  • Inquisition legion at a location will no longer override a boss
  • Closing the game or returning to the main menu after clicking to move to a map location will no longer prevent the event from loading
  • Bosses on expanse mode will no longer show the reward event twice
  • Revived enemies will now get their weapons back after being revived
  • Fixed a bug that would instantly end an expanse chapter after choosing to start another chapter
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the player to go any clicked location regardless of distance on expanse mode
  • Fixed a bug that would cause rubble to be permanently transparent
  • Banish's implosion radius has been reduced from 250 to 125, but will now properly scale with radius modifiers
  • Receiving small amounts of Miasma damage over time will return the player to safety
  • Fixed various untextured models in the lumber mill, castle roofing, and tavern flooring
  • Defend quests will now have the Aegis disabled
  • Sentinel + Storm will now properly work with Meteor
  • Filled a hole on the Bridge Network level
  • Trees have proper destruction effects
  • Channeling spells in first-person will properly follow the reticle
  • The inventory tooltip will properly adjust to avoid being offscreen
  • Once a tree is destroyed, all collision is removed from the debris
  • Motion blur no longer breaks observer
  • Roller projectiles (like Tremor, Fire Wave, and Megalith) will navigate hills better and will more closely follow spell targeting
  • Fixed a bug with observer that would prevent repossessing the Fictorum
  • The reduced casting mana cost period for non-channeling spells has been reduced from three seconds to 0.5 seconds

You can read more about the update here.

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