Fictorum Update v2.1: New Accessories, Bug Fixes, and More

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Fictorum developer, Scraping Bottom Games, recently released a new update that brings some major improvements and fixed tons of bugs. Players are in for a treat as the developers have added new accessories, improved third-person mode, and a new statistics window that shows every detail of the player’s progress in-game and helps keep track of achievements.

The latest update also fixed an issue with the weapons, bows, and shields floating midair after the enemy’s death, which causes more clutter to deal with especially debris floating around the map after destroying other objects.

Fictorum v2.1 Update

Bug Fixes

  • Cast actors + non-offensive spells will work properly
  • Fixed a bug that would cause softcore players to enter a soft game lock when dying from an event
  • Fixed a bug that would cause defense goals to still show in clairvoyance after completing the location's quest
  • Canthick's miasma has been lowered
  • Hidden chests will no longer spawn empty
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a strong character rotation offset if the player was knocked down while flying
  • Fixed some oddly rotated decorations in town halls
  • Cyclone, skull grenade, and arcing ball's visual effects will properly scale with collision radius
  • The shaping triangle UI will now properly update visuals for all spell schools
  • Most instances of floating objects remaining after destruction will no longer happen
  • Fire Beam sound effect volume has been increased
  • Fixed a bug that would cause fall damage if landing while shaping, slowed, or regenerating mana
  • World map music will fade out when killed by an event
  • The Fictorum's head will no longer be visible through the helmet of shame
  • Destroyed doors no longer have a stone-like visual effect
  • The inventory can no longer be opened while traveling to a new world location
  • Sentinels, Familiars, and Storms no longer care about draw time for arrows, airblades, and windshots
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the Grand Inquisitor from floating in phase 2
  • Fixed a bug that would cause certain bosses to permanently aggro a sentinel or familiar if it was cast fast enough
  • Fixed a casting lock that could occur when casting certain spells after Rising Shadow
  • Incendium will properly delay its explosion after a chain reaction
  • Invigorate's visual effects will show properly and the animation has been improved
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the removal of items
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the inventory background from fading on the world map
  • Burrow will no longer lock jumping if canceled before hitting the ground
  • Fire manifestations will properly despawn
  • Rintara's Battleground and the tutorial has had some landscaping done to fill holes
  • Pressing the directional keys on the map will no longer switch spells
  • Storm and Chaos will now properly work together
  • Fixed several issues with Blink Strike
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally load the wrong spell slot icons on the world map
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent some items from being sold or disenchanted
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause projectile shields block friendly spells
  • Spells should no longer block the third-person camera
  • The poorly scaled fullscreen issue has been resolved (we think)
  • Projectile spell VFX and meshes (like spears) will properly scale with collision radii when cast from NPCs
  • Sparkwhip's lasso effects will properly stop on landing
  • Mastery achievements, Master Modifier, and Master Wizard will properly trigger once achieved
  • Trees move more predictably when receiving hits and while falling
  • Gamepad focus has been improved across all interfaces
  • Using gamepad shoulder buttons to change spell on the world map will work better
  • Javelin and arrow have had their collision radii reduced

You can read about the enhancements from the update here.

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