Farmer Against Potatoes Idle: Pets Added in Update v0.26

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle
Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Steam

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle is a fun 2D wave-based action game where you play as a farmer fighting against mutated potatoes. There are six classes to choose from and the game has a pretty huge talent tree that allows you to improve your character in more ways than one. The game features a mini-game as well, which provides your farmer with various timed buffs to help you defeat the darn potatoes.

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle received a new update recently that adds pets to the game. The feature is introduced early at wave 3-2-50 and includes 20 pets and 30 combos, giving you something to do before reaching Ascension.

Aside from that, Android and Steam account linking is now available. All you have to do is log in to the other platform with the account you originally created. For example, if your original account was made on Steam, just use that one to log into the Android version of the game to begin the account linking process automatically. Take note that this feature is still in beta, so it’s advised that you create a backup of your save before doing this.

Patch Notes

  • Ascension #1 also has a new bonus related to Pet that can be found under the information (bottom right blue "i" button).
  • Spooky cosmetics are added (find the code around, be a Patreon or just buy in the soul shop), as a small event thing (there will be a real event later but for now I'm focusing on content rather than limited time content).
  • 1 Music and 2 Sounds have been added as well.
  • Trick OR Treat Code. Trick = 2,500 Soul, Treat = 8 Potions (Attack and HP / Potato and Class Exp / Skulls and Confection). You can only pick one, choose carefully.
  • Cosmetic prices in the Soul Shop have been lowered from 10$ to 3$ and Cart from 5$ to 2$ (this is permanent).
  • 3 Soul Upgrade for Pet.
  • World 4 and 5 Stats have been revamped to allow a smoother progression.
  • Cow Shop Page 1 won't reset anymore when ascending (the ascension prompt does explain this, so the rocket has been removed).
  • Node for Dungeon Damage and Dungeon Reward in the Talent Tree has been changed to Pet Level Exp.
  • Talent Auto Save on Reincarnation won't happen if the current Loadout has more points.
  • Exit Button should now properly save offline AND online again, please let me know if it doesn't properly save or does weird stuff.
  • Challenge 9 and 10 have been reworked to make them better and more challenging without being impossible without the perfect build.
  • Reincarnation Infinity Corner now displays the cost instead of the level in the box under the upgrade.

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Update v0.26 is available on Android and PC.

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