'Far Cry Primal' Story Trailer Shows Off Brutal And Beautiful Sights

The story trailer for Far Cry Primal reveals interesting plot information
The story trailer for Far Cry Primal reveals interesting plot information Ubisoft

The Far Cry Primal story trailer is here, and it sheds some light on what players can expect in Ubisoft’s upcoming prehistoric spin-off. Based on what we have already played, and the trailer, it’ll be a long wait to get to Feb. 23, when Far Cry Primal releases.

As the trailer shows, Far Cry Primal will see players take on the role of a prehistoric man who must lead his tribe against wild animals and especially against attacks from other tribes. Thankfully, you aren’t alone in your fight. Players will be able to train animals to fight by their side, as well as craft all sorts of weapons from axes to spears to bows and arrows.

iDigitalTimes had the opportunity to get a hands-on demo of Far Cry Primal while attending the PlayStation Experience. That hands-on impressions article is reprinted below.

While at the PlayStation Experience this weekend, I had the opportunity to get my hands on the newest entry in the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry Primal . While things mostly felt like a slightly restricted Far Cry game, it was built around a truly beautiful and living world.

Far Cry Primal ’s biggest hook is that you are basically playing a caveman living in the prehistoric world. By your side you have a trusty animal companion, one that can be set to any of the various animals you can tame. Yes, this means you can roll around with a prehistoric bear by your side.

Because you are in the prehistoric world, firepower is obviously limited. Players will have to get by using clubs, crude bows and arrows, and a spear to throw at things. Players also have some tricks up their sleeves, including the ability to throw a swarm of bees wrapped up in a ball, like some sort of bee bomb. Most every weapon players get can also be set on fire before shooting or throwing.

Replacing the binoculars is another trusty animal companion, your owl. The owl can fly around your area, marking enemies and aggressive animals. The owl can also be used to find weaker animals to call your big animal companion over to or even attack itself.

All of these abilities can be upgraded in a menu similar to Far Cry 4 ’s upgrade options. These traits are divided into categories like Animal Mastery and Survival, and players earn XP like they have in all other Far Cry games: by killing enemies in creative ways and completing objectives.

But the true shining achievement in Far Cry Primal , of what I’ve seen so far, is the world your character lives in. This is a totally natural world, completely untouched by modern man. Trees are overgrown, and plant life is more than abundant. Animals, both peaceful and aggressive, completely surround you. It would all be incredibly peaceful if it weren’t so dangerous.

Everything else was very much like older Far Cry games. Players will still have to go clear out outposts of enemies, and claim fast-travel spots. This time, things are just a little more primitive, with mud huts replacing warehouses and a fire pit replacing a watch tower.

So what do you think? Are you hyped to play Far Cry Primal when it comes out on Feb. 23? Are you more interested in a potential Far Cry 5 ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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