Far Cry 5 Joseph Seed Character Figurine Releasing With Game For $70

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Far Cry 5 Joseph Seed
Far Cry 5 fans might want to buy this $60 Joseph Seed figurine. The PVC model has dynamic poses and removable accessories. It releases just prior to Far Cry 5 on March 22. Ubisoft

Update: Official information for the U.S. figurine has been released. The text of the article has been updated with the correct regional details.


Far Cry 5 players will be thrust into the Montana wilderness to confront an unstable cult leader named Joseph Seed. If you just can’t get enough of this Project At Eden’s Gate founder, you can buy a collector's edition figurine of him for $60. The details arrive via a dedicated Ubisoft storefront page.

The page offers up a few minor details about Seed not previously revealed in trailers. As a product of Georgia’s foster care system, Seed developed into a charismatic leader. The voices of God apparently instruct him to save the souls of 3,000 people. As such, he forms The Project At Eden’s Gate to carry out his mission.

The figure stands about 12.5 inches tall with a dynamic pose, constructed out of PVC to allow for detailed texturing. Seed’s gun and sceptre can be removed for further customization, if you’re so inclined. This toy’s development suggests Ubisoft is betting big on Seed joining the pantheon of iconic Far Cry villains, like Pagan Min and Vaas Montenegro. The series has emphasized memorable, vividly drawn bad guys in recent years, and Far Cry 5 will be no different.

There isn't much here to go on in terms of plot, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t reiterate one minor detail from Seed’s official description. Now that we know he’s a foster child who’s hearing voices, it’s possible Far Cry 5’s story may explore how Seed’s personal traumas gave way to his visions of grandeur. The tortured insanity archetype is doubtlessly clichéd at this point, but we’re still expecting some bigger curveballs along the way. Is there a possible scenario where Seed’s visions might actually be reality?

This Far Cry 5 merch news continues the early stages of hardcore promotion leading up to the game’s release date in March. The ESRB dropped its official ratings description for the product last week, so it’s likely nearing a state of completion.

This figure is totally separate from Far Cry 5’s five special editions currently available for pre-order. The $179 Hope County Edition, for example, includes the gold edition of the game, a collector’s case, a Deer Skull Trophy replica, double-sided map and musical soundtrack.

Far Cry 5 comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC March 27, but the figurine releases March 22. Pre-orders are available now.

What are your thoughts on this pricey Far Cry 5 figurine? Will Joseph Seed go down as one of the franchise’s most iconic villains? Tell us in the comments section!

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