Far Cry 5 ESRB Rating Summary Reveals Minor Spoilers Ahead Of Release

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  • Xbox One
  • Action-Adventure
  • Open World
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Far Cry 5 is rated M for Mature, and its gameplay features many familiar elements. Get ready to shoot bad guys and clear some outposts. Far Cry 5 comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC March 28. Ubisoft

Far Cry 5 has officially been rated Mature by the ESRB, and we have the rating description to prove it. While the informational blurb doesn’t reveal much we don’t already know, there may be some minor SPOILERS for the plot’s most gruesome moments. Read an abbreviated version  of the summary below.

“This is a first-person shooter in which players assume the role of a sheriff's deputy as he battles religious zealots in Montana. Players explore the open-world environment and engage in combat missions to liberate enemy compounds/outposts, rescue hostages and battle enemy militia. Players use machine guns, bows, flamethrowers and explosives to kill enemies in frenetic combat; combat is highlighted by realistic gunfire, large explosions and blood-splatter effects. Stealth attacks (e.g., strangling, stabbing, snapping enemies' necks) are also used to take out unsuspecting guards discreetly.

“Cutscenes depict additional acts of intense violence: a man shooting himself in the head; a character repeatedly being electrocuted during an interrogation scene; a man cutting a large swath of skin off a character's chest. Mutilated corpses can be found in some areas of the environment. The game contains references to sex in the dialogue (e.g., “Now it's time for me to find some p*ssy to eat”). During the course of the game, players can consume alcohol, resulting in a screen-blurring effect. Several sequences reference drugs in dialogue (e.g., “She took to a needle for help”). Players may also consume homeopathic drugs (e.g., “Fast,” “Furious”) that boost players' abilities and skills; one drug (oregano) blurs the screen when consumed and is described as, "Surprisingly good in brownies." The words “f**k” and “c*nt” are heard in the game.”

In other words, Far Cry 5 sounds like it pays close reverence to the series’ heritage blend of FPS mechanics, exploration, stealth sequences and outpost cleanup. Some of the nastier story elements will likely be exclusive to the terrors of the Eden’s Gate cult, but the mechanics involved in pushing that narrative forward sound very familiar.

In terms of adding something new to the Far Cry formula, Ubisoft has emphasized the 2018 title’s fully co-op campaign and avatar customization features. Similar to Assassin’s Creed Origins before it, Far Cry 5 will ditch its icon-drenched world map in favor of a compass that keeps players immersed in the environment. The process of activating radio towers to unlock portions of the map has been removed as well. With these adjustments in mind, Far Cry 5 seems to embody more of a tweak to an established lineage rather than the total overhaul seen in Origins. Building off Origins’ success, the game was recently delayed by one month for additional polish.

Far Cry 5 is comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC March 27.

How has this rating summary impacted your excitement level for Far Cry 5? Which part of the game are you looking forward to most? Tell us in the comments section!

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