Far Cry 5 To Have Home Base Feature With Character Customization

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Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5 has a home base feature, and you can customize your character there. This idea has been used in the series before but never for avatar tweaks. Far Cry 5 comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC Feb. 27. Ubisoft

Far Cry 5 was a highlight of E3 2017, but between all the trailers and hands-on impressions, it would appear that one small feature tease snuck through the cracks. A news post reveals that players will have a home base with avatar customization options.

The post itself doesn’t reveal much beyond how the game’s PS4-exclusive content can be unlocked. As expected, the Sony faithful can get their Free Fan Set by logging into Uplay. It’s step four on the list, however, that’s potentially most interesting. It says “you will be able to equip your Fan Set at your home base or by accessing the avatar customization menu.”

Far Cry 5 News
In step four of this list, we see mentions of Far Cry 5’s home base feature. Photo: Ubisoft

This is the first time we’ve heard mention of a home base within Far Cry 5. Not only that, but there are hints that it will focus on one of the game’s most interesting new aspects, character customization. Next year’s game isn’t the first Far Cry title to feature the idea of a base, of course. Far Cry 4 had the upgradable Ghale Homestead that could be augmented with shops, animals and harvesting plants. In Far Cry Primal, forging bonds with NPCs let you keep characters in rooms at your settlement. In those rooms, players were offered skills and rewards.

In other words, the idea of a home base in Far Cry 5 isn’t all that surprising, but we’re intrigued to learn that its purpose will expand to adopt some of the game’s debuting concepts. Considering we’re dealing with a modern-era Far Cry game that seems most iterative on Far Cry 4, we’d imagine its base suite will probably be fairly similar otherwise. It’s a place that can be leveraged to collect all key supplies as long as you’re willing to pay for the correct upgrades.

Unfortunately, however, it’s the source post’s lack of specificity in this and other areas that largely allowed it to be ignored. Sony’s partnership with Far Cry 5 was made known during E3 showcases, but, beyond this Free Fan Set with a few customization items, we don’t know exactly what those perks will be. In Far Cry 4, PlayStation owners were given the “Keys To Kyrat” that allowed all PSN friends to join in co-op play for free. There were also exclusive missions linked to various multi-platform editions.

While the home base and exclusive DLC may be returning, however, we also know that some of the series’ key aspects, like towers and mini-maps, are being scrapped in favor of more freeform exploration mechanics. There’s also a brand new militia party system that allows players to cooperate with various NPCs that have unique combat abilities.

Far Cry 5 comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC Feb. 27. Its campaign length will be as long as previous titles in the series.

What do you hope to see from Far Cry 5’s home base? Will character customization make this franchise better? Tell us in the comments section!

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